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Release 4.583 October 2, 2020 barney

Includes DB changes you need to log all terminals out during upgrade.

  • Tweaks
    • Profit summary report : new option to filter/group results based on clerk key / staff
    • Bugffix: Spares invoices : under some setups (with tender option disabled mostly), the system would incorrectly report an amount is still to be tendered if customer deposit is eaten. Now fixed
  • Perma Delete NLA parts.
    • Spares -> utilities -> add edit franchise. Goto advanced 2 there is a new button which will kill any master file part which is NLA merch and unused in your c9 (never sold, never ordered etc)
    • Intention is to combine with NLAing all KTM parts with dots in them to clean up dotted parts in these franchises but useful for cleaning up any pricefile backed franchise with alot of useless NLAs.
  • V5 Prelude work : this version of c9 includes some low level changes to to how biz transactions, payment methods, general ledger postings etc are wrangled in the programming code.  These changes are entirely non-functional : is mostly groundwork changes to prepare for switching in V5 backoffice / general ledger components. ( remove global state for c8:biz activity management ). There may be similar modifications like this over next few versions of c9 as I prep to truck in the V5 based General Ledger.