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Release 4.584 October 6, 2020 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Unit purchase
    • Fixed bug with setting payout figure when unit is encumbered. Goal seeking would consistently blow up and not get the right figure. Now fixed
    • Highlight the current pricing field that is fixed : goal : same as what unit sale screen has had for some time now.
  • Bug fix
    • Under some exotic circumstances looking at a printed out bank rec on one terminal would stop all other terminals from recording new sales / transactions etc until the rec was dropped off the screen. Now fixed (root cause, bank rec pulls a general ledger balance, which may require a GL cache rebuild. The cache rebuild could set on DB uncommitted, blocking other GL posting txns from completing. One way to trigger this would be to backdate a txn into a date before current calendar month, eyeball a bank rec that was created during current calendar month, c9 would then enter a lock state until bankrec screen was closed).