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Release 4.856 October 14, 2020 barney

Includes Database changes. You need to log terminals out during upgrade

Visual design tweak to Select part.

New F2 pick parts will show the superceded part number and the final price /qty as a result of picking that part. Now this can create some visual confusion when the target part and supercession(s) that feed to that part are both visible at the same time.  You'll eyeball a heap of parts with qty, creating a misleading sense of lots of inventory when all records are pointing to same thing. To help minimise this SuperS parts show QoH in green. Like so:


Other tweaks and fixes

  • Accounting Profit / Loss report . Was not correctly filtering out Balance sheet records such as plant / capex stuff. Now fixed.
  • Uninvoiced Spare parts on deals involving multiple units being sold. If unit you where messing with was not the last one on the list and you tried to edit parts to invoice / order the system would lose all uninvoiced parts. Now fixed.
  • Regression bugfix : spares order merge onto existing invoice would fail with a journal entry error when there was additional deposit to collect. Now fixed. Caused by recent code restructure changes in preparation of v5.
  • Unit deals: show # of deals as well as deposit total.
  • Account balance calculation : some DB optimisation. In a couple of spots the query was slow.
  • C9 invoicing :  some internal tweaks with how we issue invoices to our clients. Wording on invoicing is tweaked to more clearly indicate period the invoice covers (we bill in arrears). Also some tweaks to itemize invoices, separating out web hosting fees for a start.