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Release 4.857 October 21, 2020 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Fixes and tweaks

  • Point of sale Supply parts with an order/reserve where thee is a freight to be invoiced later figure.  If you supply parts over two different invoices, e.g. parts go on backorder c9 will prefill all supply invoices with the freight to be invoiced later.  So if you select invoice $10 later, initial supply and back order supplier will both default to $10 freight charge. This version of c9 changes this behaviour so defaulted freight to charge factors in freight already actually charged.
  • Regression bug fix: Point of Sale F7 Import E-reference was broken by V5 prep changes. Now working again
  • Got Y-Shop Yamaha web scraper working again. Now uses the public website to scrape.
  • Some missing changes needed as part of bigger changes made many versions ago missing, now added
    • Connected with how images and text connect to spare parts for website in the database.    This was restructured in version 4.850
    • Import spare part images did not implement the new structure now fixed
    • Create structure from attributes:  did not understand new structure for creating structure only if content existed. Now fixed
    • This oversight requires this version to be a db schema change version so in order to 're-migrate' old structure to new since possibly some data was created incorrectly using older structures
  • Bank rec tweaks
    • Bank rec was not showing lines with a prior rec that is now broken, or 'X' status on bank rec screen.  Fixed up.  So consider back dating a txn into day X where X was previously reconciled. If you go and eyeball bank rec for period X it won't be obvious anything is wrong with it.  Now it will show up with 'X' rec status and in cash till affected instruments will have their detail buttons color coded red.
    • Cash till : color code buttons red or orange : orange if float was manipulated, red if there is some sort of rec error, such as backdate.