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Release 4.865 November 27, 2020 barney

Includes DB changes. You'll need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Bulk export ABA file for Creditor Bill Payments. New option in modify contact to configure customer reference against each supplier for each creditor in ABA file.
    • Spares pro-forma with a configured discount. Print discount indicator to show parts will be discounted on supply/invoicing.
    • Accounting P/L : tweak output to separate out commissions from ordinary salary/wages
Release 4.864 November 23, 2020 barney

Fixes and tweaks

  • Bulk txns (direct debit and bill pays). Option to do bulk email remit from view bulk txn screen
  • Point of sale bugfix. If you put a part on order, goto next screen feed in a deposit etc but then bail back and change the qty to order as supplied : the quick sale button opens up. If you use quick sale instead this time around it doesn't zero out the deposit (or other costs like freight etc). This version locks quick sale functionality down if there is any extra cost on the invoice, or a customer, quick sale cannot be accessed.
  • Workshop scheduler tweaks
    • Show remaining task time as a % of total of task duration on status line
    • Show 'traffic lights' for above. Green < 70%  Orange <90% Red >=90% of remaining time
    • Allow scheduler to be organised into 30min blocks
  • Add image.  If image file name contains non LATIN characters can mess with online backup.  LATIN1 canonicalize image names on save. (At some point in distant future will move DB encoding to UTF8, but is a massive job)


Release 4.863 November 19, 2020 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Open style statement changes and fixes

  • This version of c9 includes a fix for open style statements where under some exotic conditions the running tally will be wrong but final figure at bottom of statement is fine. Under some circumstances system would inappropriately filter counting of some lines if linking of payments to invoices was sufficiently spaghetti-fied. Specifics:
    • Payment outside of statement period but services an invoice in period. (so accounts that go into credit at start of statement period)
    • That same payment also services an invoice which is also outside of the statement period
    • That additional invoice will not list correctly, damaging running tally. It should be included in tally but it is not

This version also makes some visual changes to how open style prints to help minimise confusion of information on open statement. Consider following statement and highlighted bits.

The payment in reference 126171 is used to pay two different invoices. On statement is shown on statement 3 times.

  • First time it is shown in part paying off WS job #143353
  • Second time it is shown in part paying off WS job #126171
  • Finally it is shown by itself itemizing the invoices it is feeding

If a payment only pays off one invoice it will only show once. But open statement design wants to also display where it is utilised if more than one invoice is serviced by the payment.

The result, previously was quite confusing.  The new one, possibly still confusing but hopefully less confusing. Because when displayed in payment context, it shows tally of debits in light gray : the light gray indicates that these lines are represented elsewhere in the statement too.  Light gray numbers represents duplicated entries which are not rolled into the running balance. So hopefully you can run your eye down the statement looking at black items only, but at same time if you want to know at a glance what invoices a given payment is servicing, this information is visible too.

Other changes

  • Reconciliation edit screen : add a print button to print / export what you see on screen
Release 4.862 November 16, 2020 barney

Some EPC importer fixups

  • Kawasaki EPC import : working again
  • Triumph EPC import: working again


Release 4.861 November 12, 2020 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Tweaks to ruleset stuff added last version : added a thing where it will forcefully recompute price breaks on parts if franchise ruleset changes. Option to run this manually too on edit franchise advanced tab.
  • Harley spare parts order export. Tweaked the exporter so it can export an alternative order format that seems to be the format Harley prefer (pipe delimited). Unable to validate though if it works at time of releasing this version. This new format is disabled by default : c9 defaults to older format.
  • Bugfix : POS margin test would not fire for line discounted items if margin test was configured to apply to discounted lines only. Effectively this setting was only validating globally discounted lines. Modified to more intuitive behaviour of testing both line & global discounts.
  • Point of sale. If margin rule fires, then automatically pop margin breakdown screen on complete.  (This can be turned off in setup)
  • Workshop new job. New setup config option to default print label  to on. Potentially useful for dealers whose service work is mainly not bikes. e.g. P/E and lots of tyre fitting work etc.
  • View Spares invoice. Access add/refund deposit screen from here
  • Consignments sold report added to unit reports
KTM 2020 Christmas 2020 Promo November 11, 2020 barney

The following page describes how to setup your c9 to manage this promo. This will apply for either in-store sales or web sales


Make sure you do following first

  • Update c9 to latest version
  • Update KTM price file from Repo

The KTM price file in repo contains a couple of things  that help feed this.  Specifically promo parts are tagged as being on a promo and what promo discount is for those parts. The next steps explain what you need to do to get c9 to pay attention to these tags.

In your c9 after updating, when you look at a promo part you'll see the following in F2:

There are two tags:

  • promo:ktm-xmas-2020  which tags this part as being in a current promo, called ktm-xmas-2020
  • promo-discount:<xx.yy> which tags the discount that should apply for this item


Release 4.860 November 9, 2020 barney

Includes database changes. You'll need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Triumph Magician check : working again
  • Kawasaki Magician check : working again
  • F2 select part screen : display part location for stocked items
  • Reworked KTM / Husky EPC downloader so it will re-login every 45 minutes to try and keep download process alive for as long as possible
  • Receive parts printout.  If parts satisfy multiple orders normally c9 will print at top "for orders #A,#B,#C..." etc. But if the list of orders is too long the result will clip and drop off order numbers affected by the receival. For receivals which touch alot of orders, print the order list in a separate section of the report in order to fit everything in.
  • Fixed up contact aged balance reports and screens to remove word 'trial'. 'Aged Trial Balance' is an accounting term of art that is completely different to what is displayed in these screens / reports. Tidied this up to stop confusing accountants.
  • Email deposit receipt. Would hard code 'spares deposit receipt' for unit and workshop deposit adding in email body. Tweaked to reflect actual department.
  • Includes a change to upgrade steps for people upgrading from very old versions. There is a sequence of events where upgrading to ver prior to this from a version before 4.832 , if upgrade failed at a certain point and was retried would not succeed. Now fixed here.
  • Added a new system into c9 to allow expression of 'rules' on franchises. This is motivated by the lazy dogs breakfast KTM are serving up as a "parts promo scheme". More details to follow in a separate post specific to KTM. The rule system will allow future expansion of business rules linked to properties on price file attributes etc. What this ver builds in:
    • Price breaks to apply : this has been in c9 for a while already. But reorganised a bit to allow other things too. Such as:
    • Ability to configure the default supplier to order parts from as opposed to franchise default
    • Ability to configure a default line discount that kicks in when dropping a part onto point of sale
    • For example you can define a rule that says something like if list price is >$100 and category attribute contains 'powerwear' then set Retail to RRP and discount further based on another attribute.
  • Reworked use same supplier logic on point of sale. Say for example you modify a Honda part from Daily to supply from TOPTWO, the next honda part on same point of sale session will now default to TOPTWO as well. The logic has been improved a bit here, where it works explicitly off the last selected order status based on last time you pressed F11 edit order (prior logic was a bit more convoluted and worked off what was on list of parts to order instead. Usually result was the same but not always)
Release 4.859 November 4, 2020 barney

Include database changes you need to log all terminals out

  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Significant bugfix with general ledger balances.  C9 maintains an internal cache of balances pre-computed on month start for efficient GL computation : so instead of adding up every single txn ever done, it can just add up txns from last cache checkpoint until date/time we want to figure out GL balance at that point of time. A number of things, such as deleting txns, moving and backdating txns should partially invalidate the cache to trigger it to be rebuilt.  This version fixes a scenario where this cache invalidation is not happening.  If you move a entry from before a calendar date to after a calendar date then any cached dates between the move will not be invalidated. Moving backwards was fine, but moving forwards was broken. Now fixed. Typically other things will happen to eventually invalidate the cache if txns are being moved around, such as backdating or deleting old txns, but still a significant issue that requires urgent repair.
    • Link Int image importer. Working again (Some changes on link document server side)
    • Print unit deal : option to print 'Tax invoice' on result to try and keep some finance companies a little happier, maybe...
    • Variations screen : was not display webcontent status correctly, updated
    • Fix date display on deals tab. Was showing as a # of days since Jan 2 1801, not a date.