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KTM 2020 Christmas 2020 Promo November 11, 2020 barney

The following page describes how to setup your c9 to manage this promo. This will apply for either in-store sales or web sales


Make sure you do following first

  • Update c9 to latest version
  • Update KTM price file from Repo

The KTM price file in repo contains a couple of things  that help feed this.  Specifically promo parts are tagged as being on a promo and what promo discount is for those parts. The next steps explain what you need to do to get c9 to pay attention to these tags.

In your c9 after updating, when you look at a promo part you'll see the following in F2:

There are two tags:

  • promo:ktm-xmas-2020  which tags this part as being in a current promo, called ktm-xmas-2020
  • promo-discount:<xx.yy> which tags the discount that should apply for this item

Configuring c9

In c9 goto spares -> utilities -> add edit franchise

Goto advanced tab

In this tab we want to add a rule

If you have other rules you need to make sure XMas promo is the first rule

Now rule settings need to be like this:

Walking through this:

  • condition must be the following exactly. This tells c9 this rule applies for parts which have a ktm-xmas-2020 promo set


  • Price break.  This is used to make sure retail for these parts is RRP, not your markups.  Very Important : make sure your accessories franchise in edit franch has no markups set. If it does you'll need to create a new empty franchise called 'RRP Markups', set markups to 0 and use that instead.
  • Def Discount attribute.  This tels c9 where to source discounts from. Must be


  • Force supplier to order from.  KTM require these parts to be separated and sent to them sepatately. To do this hit select and create a new supplier called KTM Promo.  Now when you drop these parts into point of sale they will default to KTMPROMO supplier which will separate them out from your ordinary Daily/Stock orders.

Configuring Website

There are two steps for website side of things

Step 1 - Add a page

Business -> website -> website structure.

Add a new page for your KTM promo. In advanced tab you want to set following:

  • partmap Key to promo
  • partmap Value to ktm-xmas-2020

Step 2 - Get promo discounts to apply

Contact Barney to enable this on your website.