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Release 4.859 November 4, 2020 barney

Include database changes you need to log all terminals out

  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Significant bugfix with general ledger balances.  C9 maintains an internal cache of balances pre-computed on month start for efficient GL computation : so instead of adding up every single txn ever done, it can just add up txns from last cache checkpoint until date/time we want to figure out GL balance at that point of time. A number of things, such as deleting txns, moving and backdating txns should partially invalidate the cache to trigger it to be rebuilt.  This version fixes a scenario where this cache invalidation is not happening.  If you move a entry from before a calendar date to after a calendar date then any cached dates between the move will not be invalidated. Moving backwards was fine, but moving forwards was broken. Now fixed. Typically other things will happen to eventually invalidate the cache if txns are being moved around, such as backdating or deleting old txns, but still a significant issue that requires urgent repair.
    • Link Int image importer. Working again (Some changes on link document server side)
    • Print unit deal : option to print 'Tax invoice' on result to try and keep some finance companies a little happier, maybe...
    • Variations screen : was not display webcontent status correctly, updated
    • Fix date display on deals tab. Was showing as a # of days since Jan 2 1801, not a date.