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Release 4.861 November 12, 2020 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Tweaks to ruleset stuff added last version : added a thing where it will forcefully recompute price breaks on parts if franchise ruleset changes. Option to run this manually too on edit franchise advanced tab.
  • Harley spare parts order export. Tweaked the exporter so it can export an alternative order format that seems to be the format Harley prefer (pipe delimited). Unable to validate though if it works at time of releasing this version. This new format is disabled by default : c9 defaults to older format.
  • Bugfix : POS margin test would not fire for line discounted items if margin test was configured to apply to discounted lines only. Effectively this setting was only validating globally discounted lines. Modified to more intuitive behaviour of testing both line & global discounts.
  • Point of sale. If margin rule fires, then automatically pop margin breakdown screen on complete.¬† (This can be turned off in setup)
  • Workshop new job. New setup config option to default print label¬† to on. Potentially useful for dealers whose service work is mainly not bikes. e.g. P/E and lots of tyre fitting work etc.
  • View Spares invoice. Access add/refund deposit screen from here
  • Consignments sold report added to unit reports