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Release 4.864 November 23, 2020 barney

Fixes and tweaks

  • Bulk txns (direct debit and bill pays). Option to do bulk email remit from view bulk txn screen
  • Point of sale bugfix. If you put a part on order, goto next screen feed in a deposit etc but then bail back and change the qty to order as supplied : the quick sale button opens up. If you use quick sale instead this time around it doesn't zero out the deposit (or other costs like freight etc). This version locks quick sale functionality down if there is any extra cost on the invoice, or a customer, quick sale cannot be accessed.
  • Workshop scheduler tweaks
    • Show remaining task time as a % of total of task duration on status line
    • Show 'traffic lights' for above. Green < 70%  Orange <90% Red >=90% of remaining time
    • Allow scheduler to be organised into 30min blocks
  • Add image.  If image file name contains non LATIN characters can mess with online backup.  LATIN1 canonicalize image names on save. (At some point in distant future will move DB encoding to UTF8, but is a massive job)