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Release 4.866 December 3, 2020 barney

Includes DB changes, you'll need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Scheduler : right hand job listing now has its own orderbook style search function.
    • Modify linked transactions : selector some tweaks to make ordering result a bit more intuitive.
      • Show created date separately. Show 'date' as being sorted date
      • Add a 3rd tab which sorts results same as view transactions screen, instead of screens default ( which is billpay due date then created date)
    • Bank rec code includes some stuff to efficiently determine which recs are good and which are busted. THere is a scenario where this fails, when deleting some transaction types, typically will happen with deleting a unit sale involving multiple units for example. Some other scenarios where it might happen too. THe rec might be repaired but c9 does not think so. This fix 'reindexes' the recs so their proper status is reflected and includes changes that will prevent scenario that caused this happening in future.
    • install price file : originally c9 would pop a screen to allow printing of labels for repriced parts.  This functionality was accidently removed around July. Readded
    • Browse prior bank recs : new default option to sort by reconcile period date (end date), not by when bank rec was created.  This sorting should be more useful/intuitive for most bankrec forensic deep dives
    • freeform stock take : is not following supercession chains, fixed
    • View/edit order : option to show finalized orders for historical digging based on ordno
    • Serco magician check
    • Stock checkpointing (what is used to figure out historical stock on hand) has been heavily reworked. Original code was written around 2011. Rewrite uses more robust/reliable techniques I developed recently with supers/masterfile tweaks as part of V5 work (sql trigger based instead of client side computation with lots of automated regression testing)
      • Prior checkpointing  would generate alot of extraneous/unnecessary records. Update of this ver hoses all this unnecessary data out
      • Move Part / Migrate part migration of checkpoints was broken by design. New implementation is more robust. Generally not a problem when migrating data into a sparse new franchise, but when mashing histories together the old code wasn't up to the task. Some things on the go here that are important (for dealers who are both KTM + Husky franchise holders, working on some tweaks to make life easier by smashing the two franchises together. More to come when ready, still alot of work to be done first)
    • Migrate webcontent : was not updated with recent heavy changes to how text+images link to parts so text/images would not move correctly. Now fixed in this ver.
    • Refreshed/Updated following 4 vicroads docs: registration. Online authoritory. Concessions. Rego Transfer.
    • Workshop modify / view job : show tally of quote component in quote disclaimer box.
    • Contacts: add a new icon for customers as a 'c9' icon.  Any contact you map from magician lookup screen or receive a weborder from which is submitted via 'export to other c9 dealer' web order option will be automatically tagged with this icon. Installing this version will retroactively tag contacts that meet this criteria.
    • Payroll : new option under employment type which filters wages entitlements for public holidays or globally enforced annual leave taking : for use with casuals.
    • Unit spares/profit new order option : sort by clerk + make