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Release 4.867 January 19, 2021 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • KTM Magician change. Tweaked to cope with AX returning multiple rows
  • Staff availability bugfix. Certain input operations on edit leave record screen could break c9 now fixed (messing with day or week flags and then switching to non scheduler record)
  • Print labels. Hitting enter key on part number would not re-highlight the part allowing you to quickly type a new part over top of existing part. Now tidied.
  • deals screen. Tweak filter so it can filter unit particulars : make, model, VIN and reference. Works on any unit attached to deal, not just the visible unit on deal browse screen.
  • honda opt2ma reporting. Tweak sourcing of data to use exactly same version of profit summary report as what you can see in business reports.
  • Migrate parts. IS currently not migrating website part mappings. Now fixed.
  • unit sales report. Reprint subtotals at bottom of report if in detailed view. Subtotal staff records separately as well for commission reporting.
  • add location filter to following stock reports
    • Full stock report
    • Full stock summary