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Release 4.872 February 12, 2021 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Single touch payroll tweaks. Data sent to STP was slightly wrong (was not sending commencement date). Tweaked in order to correctly support jobmaker. (See below for info on how to tag an employee for jobmaker)
  • F7 alterns, reworked the screen a bit. Works alot faster on loading shows a bit more info. The amount of records it shows is slightly less. It will only show a given part once.  Working on a new data set with alot of alternatives, old way of doing things blew out the resulting list to millions of records with old way to traversed the graph of interlinked parts.

How to tag an employee for Job Maker credit

The staff record needs to have following set:

  • Their date of birth (on General Stuff tab)
  • Their start date (on Payroll tab)

Then in payrun you need to add a manual pay record. Structured like so:




  • Make sure type is Allowances
  • Make description exactly this:  JMHC-NOM
  • Make amount one cent. This will trigger a 0.01 once off pay increase for the payrun but is necessary to push data via STP
  • On Notes tab, make sure Other is selected in Allowances
Release 4.871 February 8, 2021 barney
  • Unit deals / sales. Increase max size of detailed notes to allow much larger notes. previously would max out at about 1/3rd of a page. Now x16 bigger
  • Miner : added ability to build miner queries on unit invoices/deals
  • Select txns to pay : add filter option on this screen
  • Gas Gas Integration
    • Import EPC diagrams from factory website
    • Magician check on KTM Aus dealernet portal

This version of c9 tweaks Honda API order upload screen to include a warning about error handling. Following describes an alternative process for submitting orders to Honda, via their SAP dealer portal.

In c9 export order

  • Select button 'change export method'
  • Change it to OPEA
  • Set company ID to 'HON'
  • Set dealer code to your Honda dealer ID
  • File format is standard OPEA
  • Export a file


Then in SAP do following....

  1. Click on Upload DMS Order
  2. Select Stock / Daily
  3. Select Step 2
  4. Supply order file generated above. Upload it check it and submit it

For Dealers with multiple brands under KTM Group, e.g. KTM + Husqvarna the following describes a possible mechanism for managing inventory and ordering.

The idea is to consolidate inventory into a single franchise.


  • Have just one count of parts since there is alot of overlap between the parts. (e.g. for KTM + HQV 48% of parts overlap)
  • When submitting orders to KTM, submit under the brand that offers the cheapest price. e.g. a histogram of price variations for overlapping parts for KTM vs HQV shared parts shows noticeable variation either side of 0 line (same price):

IMPORTANT! Caveats and consequences of doing this.

  • Once you've merged everything into a single franchise it cannot be easily undone. So make sure this is what you want to do. Think through implications of this carefully for stock control, stock management etc before pulling the lever on this. Contact us if unsure
  • This system only works in tandem with using c9 repository price files. There is critical information in the C9 repo which is needed to make this work which does not exist in the price file provided directly by KTM. This cannot work using manual price files. The key thing missing is an attribute tag tags the 'brand' to use for each part on generating export order files


Release 4.869 February 1, 2021 barney
  • KTM Umbrella brands : this version contains a very powerful change for dealers who carry 2 or more of KTM, HQV or GAS brands. C9 will now allow you to organise all parts into a single franchise. On export order c9 will emit different files for different brands, and it will automatically arbitrage to minimise buy price if there is a buy price difference. Gains from this:
    • Manage one set of inventory only, since high % of parts are common already
    • Always order the cheapest part
    • Details on how to make this work will be in a separate post. TBA
  • Other tweaks and fixes
    • Remittance details print warning in red : Cyber Security: First time transfers call us to confirm bank details
    • Bug with Workshop Sublet  report. invoiced / not invoiced filter was working incorrectly. Tweaked to fix.
    • Some tweaks to cash till layout to realign some items on screen. Unable to replicate reported issue with misaligned stuff but hopefully some changes here will fix up the problem.
    • Triumph EPC importer updated. Should be working now
    • Tweak contacts general expense report to also include Goods only and CapEx data. Make audit field on report bigger.
    • Accounting reports: new option to export detailed txn listing that substantially feeds the accounting reports
    • Select transactions screen : add horizontal scrollbar
    • Unit purchase. Disallow combo of factory purchase + consignment. Does not work as expected so easier to just disallow this combo.
    • Import from E-Ref in point of sale: default proposed contact to create as a cash customer
    • View contact. From here access point of sale to do a sale with contact primed (via spares invoices tab)