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Release 4.869 February 1, 2021 barney
  • KTM Umbrella brands : this version contains a very powerful change for dealers who carry 2 or more of KTM, HQV or GAS brands. C9 will now allow you to organise all parts into a single franchise. On export order c9 will emit different files for different brands, and it will automatically arbitrage to minimise buy price if there is a buy price difference. Gains from this:
    • Manage one set of inventory only, since high % of parts are common already
    • Always order the cheapest part
    • Details on how to make this work will be in a separate post. TBA
  • Other tweaks and fixes
    • Remittance details print warning in red : Cyber Security: First time transfers call us to confirm bank details
    • Bug with Workshop SubletĀ  report. invoiced / not invoiced filter was working incorrectly. Tweaked to fix.
    • Some tweaks to cash till layout to realign some items on screen. Unable to replicate reported issue with misaligned stuff but hopefully some changes here will fix up the problem.
    • Triumph EPC importer updated. Should be working now
    • Tweak contacts general expense report to also include Goods only and CapEx data. Make audit field on report bigger.
    • Accounting reports: new option to export detailed txn listing that substantially feeds the accounting reports
    • Select transactions screen : add horizontal scrollbar
    • Unit purchase. Disallow combo of factory purchase + consignment. Does not work as expected so easier to just disallow this combo.
    • Import from E-Ref in point of sale: default proposed contact to create as a cash customer
    • View contact. From here access point of sale to do a sale with contact primed (via spares invoices tab)