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Release 4.872 February 12, 2021 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Single touch payroll tweaks. Data sent to STP was slightly wrong (was not sending commencement date). Tweaked in order to correctly support jobmaker. (See below for info on how to tag an employee for jobmaker)
  • F7 alterns, reworked the screen a bit. Works alot faster on loading shows a bit more info. The amount of records it shows is slightly less. It will only show a given part once.  Working on a new data set with alot of alternatives, old way of doing things blew out the resulting list to millions of records with old way to traversed the graph of interlinked parts.

How to tag an employee for Job Maker credit

The staff record needs to have following set:

  • Their date of birth (on General Stuff tab)
  • Their start date (on Payroll tab)

Then in payrun you need to add a manual pay record. Structured like so:




  • Make sure type is Allowances
  • Make description exactly this:  JMHC-NOM
  • Make amount one cent. This will trigger a 0.01 once off pay increase for the payrun but is necessary to push data via STP
  • On Notes tab, make sure Other is selected in Allowances