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Release 4.873 March 1, 2021 barney
  • Unit sales. Reworked unit sale $ input screen to make things flow a bit better with base prices etc.
    • added Explicit Base price + GST field
    • Added explicit checkbox toggles to toggle fixed price
    • Now there are toggles tweaked computation logic a bit so it is more intuitive. Main thing is locked base price behavior is more ergonomic, you now explicitly switch it on and off as needed as opposed to before where you had to make obscure, unintuitive user interface incantations to get it to toggle
  • Business balance sheet report, multiple fixes
    • Was not tallying banks into total. Now fixed
    • Was doubling up PAYG withholding, when it should of be been reporting PAYG and super as separate lines. Now fixed
  • cust view parts on order bugfix
  • highlight/colorcode workshop/unit images buttons if there are images/attachments. On following key screens:view job, modify job, complete and pickup
  • KTM group magician :  show simple tally only instead of showing that tally is aggregated across multiple lines. This is necessary to to get web based part availability working for crossover parts. It will require a restart of messenger to work
  • Add option to import Gas Gas EPC for non Gas Gas dealers who are otherwise KTM group dealers.