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Release 4.874 March 3, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

This version includes some non functional changes to bank reconciliation. V5 c9's general ledger is alot more flexible allowing postings to be modified : changing amounts, GL codes etc whereas with V4 all you can do is toggle delete/restore a posting.

Being able to fiddle other things on a posting has obvious implications for bank rec. In order to make transition from v4 to v5 simpler it makes sense, from a technical perspective, to drop a few things into v4 now to lay groundwork to accommodate this instead of rolling in bigger set of changes into v5.

Honda order submission changes

Low level java bugfix with how java handles failed http POST requests. Java has a 15 year old bug in it where it will resubmit POST requests if they disconnect. Instead of fixing the bug, like they should of, java instead decided to add an obscure switch to fix the bug which you have to explicitly enable. This  version of c9 now throws that switch. ( ).

In terms of c9 integration to Honda what this means is that reports of orders doubling up should no longer occur after updating to this version. Overall there still remains outstanding issues, i.e. the timeouts that trigger the resends in the first place are still of themselves harmful and these are confirmed via packet sniffing to be coming from the Honda service, but this change at least represents a solid step forward towards improving the overall interconnect.

Other changes

  • View bug in contacts - > view transactions. Under some circumstances view button can get disabled (due to txn referencing a non existing sale for example), but once it is disabled clicking on any other txn will not re-enable it. Now fixed
  • Shopify sync : for orders where there is no shipping address, only a billing address, pull details from billing address
  • View account -> parts handled tab.¬† Display invoice type. As is hard to figure out if items have been supplied or just looking at a quote.