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Release 4.880 May 24, 2021 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Replaced TeamViewer with AnyDesk as our primary remote support tool.
    • Install pricefiles, improved an efficiency issue with massive price files which are not loaded via c9 repo such as John Deere and BMW.  [ Defer using primary key with on conflict () update so we are not burning pk ids. Generally not a huge issue but with suppliers with millions of parts, the upper limit of about 2 billion parts will be reached fairly quickly with such wastage ]
    • Suzuki Magician check - working again
    • Select customer via phone book. Include an add button here
    • Spares menu : assign a hotkey to despatching screen
    • Disable cybersec warning : was not affecting workshop invoices.
    • View Invoice : showing wrong count for cancelled parts. Now fixed
Release 4.879 May 12, 2021 barney

Bug fixes

  • Some classes of errors would cause future unrelated txns in c9 to fail too. Now fix (technical description: autoinc key management was fragile. Now flushes keys to autoinc always).
  • Add part via orderbook would under some circumstances not work (if last part in orderbook happened to be finalized). 10 year old bug that was papered over mostly, except with recent changes in last ver of c9 with supers at orders. The supers changes are fine, but they pulled back the covers on this very old bug.


  • F6 unstocked part. Show part/description and a couple of other bits of info. So can see exactly what part you are looking at and quickly right click and copy parts info from this screen
  • WA registration form updated
Release 4.878 May 5, 2021 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Order book - add part would not work under some circumstances depending on content of orderbook.  Clicking button would do nothing. Bug standing bug that never triggered because of how orderbook supers were resolved. Recent changes exposed the underlying bug.  Now fixed.
    • Cyber Sec warning on bottom of key invoices. Option in setup in printers tab to disable this
    • Tweak supplier returns to allow for returning as goods only. to be used as a returned unsold goods under consignment process
    • Yamaha YPIC import import. added a guard for missing images in YPIC which could blow up c9 import
    • Add/edit franchise : button in network/magician allows you to drop link between franchise and c9 repo. to help fix up franchises that are incorrectly mapped.
    • weborder processing from other c9 dealers (direct order upload.) Switch sale to on account if dealership is tracked as an account customer.
    • Record BAS, PAYG GL posting would record against withheld expense always, even if liability tracking is enabled. Tweaked to record against liability code if liability tracking is setup.