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Release 4.880 May 24, 2021 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Replaced TeamViewer with AnyDesk as our primary remote support tool.
    • Install pricefiles, improved an efficiency issue with massive price files which are not loaded via c9 repo such as John Deere and BMW.  [ Defer using primary key with on conflict () update so we are not burning pk ids. Generally not a huge issue but with suppliers with millions of parts, the upper limit of about 2 billion parts will be reached fairly quickly with such wastage ]
    • Suzuki Magician check - working again
    • Select customer via phone book. Include an add button here
    • Spares menu : assign a hotkey to despatching screen
    • Disable cybersec warning : was not affecting workshop invoices.
    • View Invoice : showing wrong count for cancelled parts. Now fixed