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Release 4.884 June 23, 2021 barney

Bugfix : viewing locked payruns where payday is in July would crash c9. Recent addition of a warning screen that warns about variations between actual/nominate paydays in a financial year : this code broke view payrun screen when looking at locked runs. Now fixed

This version of c9 also includes alot of non-functional groundwork for V5 migration code. Not yet 100% ready. Next ver of c9 likely will include tooling to permit upgrading to V5.

Release 4.883 June 15, 2021 barney

Bugfix with importing price files + Toro where Toro franchise is configured to cope with dashes (-) being significant.  Recent price file import changes broke Toro dash stuff and import price file would not succeed. Now working again.

Release 4.882 June 13, 2021 barney

Fixes and tweaks

  • Honda Order Export API : Make shipping config separate from shipping setting for OPEA based export. Because of reliability issues with DealerNet API dealers occasionally need to switch to OPEA method. Shipping setting here is different to setting for Export API. Making their storage separate will make process of switching export method a bit smoother.
  • Bugfix with import PDF files for receive spares where some spares have packqty set.   The system recomputes qtys for packed items but it incorrectly can use pack settings from unrelated parts to influence other parts on the receival under some complex circumstances, causing their qtys to stuff up.  Now fixed in this version.
Release 4.881 June 9, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Online Backup
      • include post restore instructions to automatically rebuild phonebook + customer search
      • included metadata used by backup server to make sure correct backup trigger regime in put in play for restored master files (hard to explain what this means without writing a novel. Impact to c9 without this is under some circumstances, installing new price files might not backup newly added parts correctly after having to rebuild a c9 system from online backups. Easily fixable problem once detected, detected via backup verify, but now fixed more properly with this update.)
    • WA forms : expose previously removed file, because apparently it is still actually needed
    • payroll 2021 updates
      • 10% super guarantee
      • Tables : PAYG etc
      • Provide visual alert for July payruns if nominal # of runs does not match actual # of runs in financial year. e.g. 2021-2022 there are 53 Thursdays in the year, not 52, meaning earnings are higher so tax on each payrun is computed a little higher too
    • General Ledger caching mechanism updated to allow smooth transition to v5. (Cache system precalculates gl open/close figures so system doesn't have to tally up everything everytime a GL code balance is needed making GL stuff much faster)
    • Bugfix with import price file : if you abort price file partway via close c9 or click on a different section the price file will partially install in a way where it is not possible to install another price file. Now fixed.
    • Shopify : update version id ahead of scheduled July 1 deprecation