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Release 4.892 July 29, 2021 barney

Not yet released. Soonish

  • tweaks to v5 migration code. documented in gitrepo
Release 5.1.8 July 29, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade


  • Refund spares to account. Would generate journal error. Now fixed.
  • Bankrec delete : not working now fixed
  • Bankrec tally, tally the adjusted close tally figure near top left of screen would change in weird ways when you toggle lines. Now working again
  • Floor units, data migration issue. Floor stock concerns such as posted on stock floor valuation wasn't migrated quite correctly so when modifying floorstock c9 would think there were no existing records and it would recreate them, effectively doubling things up on the general ledger. This version fixes up these records and where double up has occurred, delete the older, incorrectly migrated record. (Root cause, migrator did not set loc_type correctly)

This version reworks how debtor/creditor/custdeposit txn records are managed. Migrator is working correctly, but newly created txns in c9 after migration were not presetting item/loc/origin style tracking. Generally not a functional issue, but will cause some grief down the road when we go for v5.2 changes. Some minor functional issues. e.g. on workshop payment to invoice, it would say 'payment' at bottom of invoice, not the correct 'On Account Owing'.

Another issue to fix is that v5 online backups downloaded are not restoreable. Data is fine, but generated schema is busted and needs to be manually tweaked before installing. (Incorrect priming/inferencing of primary key sequences on v4 txn tables).


Release 5.1.7 July 28, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • PC-EFTPOS/Tyro/Paypal integration. Was only sending base amount, not including rounding or surcharging. Now fixed
  • Accounting period report tweaks
    • Added a v4 compatibility mode to accounting reports to yield same output as old v4 vs strict GL based generation. Key differences
      • Any supplier bills that post to Asset or  Liability code assume it is a capex txn. (Strict mode txns must be tax coded as capex)
      • Ignore GL postings for payroll expenses, instead consult payrun data instead. This is important where payroll is misconfigured to not post expense to liability codes on payruns.
      • Include 2-9030 on trading statement (Goods Yet to be Received)
  • Bugfix with returning parts to supplier using option invoice later in point of sale where qty returned is >1
  • Save BAS : tax code not being set for withholding expense (this is only relevent for mis-configured payroll systems, all payroll should be configured to track laibibilities. More information coming on this)


Release 4.891 July 27, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Version 4.890 was supposed to include the following changes but what was deployed didn't actually include them. This update backfills / fixes this up. Specifics:

  • v5 migrate tweaks to get more systems able to push through migration
  • WS scheduler changes to deal with unusual issue with locks leaving gaps in schedule
  • Improved pricefile import handling of barcoded entries

Bonus changes:

  • KTM EPC import, working again.
Release 5.1.6 July 23, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Fix up  KTM/Husky EPC import. Changes to factory website broke login
  • Disallow undelete txns on a giftcard whose reference was reused on a new voucher.
  • Browse activity, view txn details would break things in very subtle ways. e.g. view txn details then delete would fail with txn not active. Now fixed
  • Merge customers: was not merging unit invoices. Now fixed.
  • Spares profit/sale : include new column to show stock turns
  • Proficiency report fixes/improvements
    • Report incorrectly included quoted labour in computations. Now fixed
    • Include both progress to bill (estimated) labour and invoiced (actual) labour.  Show both figures on report under billed column.  Result is more intuitive and consistent on rerunning report.
  • V4 Migration fixes
    • Problems with migrating giftcards from v4. Systems with recycled giftcards in them (e.g. you issue a giftcard, cancel it and then reissue), these will cause upgrade to fail. This version retrospectively fixes the migration issue.
    • Retroactive migration performance issue with migrating contact txns, bills etc. Previously was quite slow. Now improved.
Release 4.890 & 5.1.5 July 21, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

A few tweaks around migration to v5 + online backups.  Backups are supposed to detect upgrades and not try to backup data until finished but this wasn't working 100% for v5 migrate resulting in backup issues on migration if migration is performed on a computer other than the messenger computer.  V5 database contains some slight variations that require changes to backup codebase (physical location of primarykey field on v5 tables shifted from start to end of table definition), these changes are now pre-baked into this version of v4 to further minimize possible niggles on migration if there is some other vector in play which causes an un-migrated v4 migrated messenger to try and backup v5 data prematurely.


  • Various tweaks to v5 migrate to get a few more over the line. See txnmigrate git logs for details, no point documenting here
  • Workshop scheduler : trying to track down an obscure bug here that appears to be related to locked tasks on scheduler. Unable to lockin on exact cause of bug itself but this version makes changes that will hopefully unwedge it. Tasks which are flagged as logged no longer respond to clocking at all. Locked tasks are intended to be frozen blocks of time, and really are intended as quick way to log unavailability to work. So locking doesn't mix with clocking since clocking implies the task is fluid in its duration.
  • Import pricefile with barcodes. For some suppliers barcode might overlap with an actual real part, so importing barcode will force the real part to incorrectly supercede. Added some logic to cope with this case. If part exists as something that does not supercede, do not let barcodes override the real part.

v5.1.5 only

  • Print Activity report.
    • Option to print all tax coded lines.
    • Option to export instead of print. Slightly nicer output compared to using save as CSV via print preview.


Release 5.1.4 July 20, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes. Need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • GL code change in v4 to v5 broke a couple of things. V4 code was 1-5100 was migrated to 1-5110 in v5 to make room allow finer discrimination of unit floorstock. Specifics:
    • Auto recompute GL based on inventory broken, was writing things back to original GL code which would inflate overall units on stock in GL
    • Trading statement formatting issues because it was expecting old codes, not news. now fixed
  • Other fixes and tweaks
    • Unit deal print pro-forma : would incorrectly set ext gst price on units as inc gst on printout. Actual printed invoices are okay, just deals in progress are problematic.
    • Workshop pro-forma. Would not print any total/GST info. Now working.
    • Rebate bug fix : add collected rebate without supplier would generate a GL balance error. Now working.
    • Workshop ergonomics : on selecting ws part highlight qty to allow quick tweakage of qtys
Release 5.1.3 July 20, 2021 barney
  • Till pop fixes and tweaks
    • Open till on cash sale not working. Now fixed.
Release 4.889 & 5.1.2 July 19, 2021 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • HD EPC importer, working again
  • Added support for Off Road Imports Magician check.
  • More tweaks to Payroll Summary, vol super needs to be deducted from gross wages.
Release 4.888 & 5.1.2 July 14, 2021 barney

Recent mail library updates were failing to deliver emails with attachments. Now fixed ( change of library name, wasn't anchored to java system classloader).

v5.1.2 only changes (pending)

  • Migration refinement : tweak post migration to migrate cust AP/AR/debtor transactions ids
  • Add support for cash basis BAS reporting
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