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Release 4.885 July 7, 2021 barney
  • Select customer order screen. View customer button on this screen was broken. Now working again
  • Accounting P&L report : filter units under consignment
  • Order book, show date part was added to active order, not invoice date.
  • PAYG Summary report : also show employer super contribution
  • Unit deals : adding a part with default parts discount in play instead of line discount, the part correctly discounts but on resulting invoice it doesn't show that a discount % was applied. Now fixed.
  • Magician check / backorder tweaks
    • Merging of results from other c9 dealers was visually busted and would create confusing results with mixed up part numbers. Now fixed
    • Sort part numbers alphabetically
    • Tweaks / fine tuning to status % count at bottom. Would misbehave under some scenarios
  • Units profit summary.  Secondary subtotals based on clerk only was broken. Now fixed.
  • Import Honda EPC, some changes to EPC software broke import. Now working again.