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Release 4.890 & 5.1.5 July 21, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

A few tweaks around migration to v5 + online backups.  Backups are supposed to detect upgrades and not try to backup data until finished but this wasn't working 100% for v5 migrate resulting in backup issues on migration if migration is performed on a computer other than the messenger computer.  V5 database contains some slight variations that require changes to backup codebase (physical location of primarykey field on v5 tables shifted from start to end of table definition), these changes are now pre-baked into this version of v4 to further minimize possible niggles on migration if there is some other vector in play which causes an un-migrated v4 migrated messenger to try and backup v5 data prematurely.


  • Various tweaks to v5 migrate to get a few more over the line. See txnmigrate git logs for details, no point documenting here
  • Workshop scheduler : trying to track down an obscure bug here that appears to be related to locked tasks on scheduler. Unable to lockin on exact cause of bug itself but this version makes changes that will hopefully unwedge it. Tasks which are flagged as logged no longer respond to clocking at all. Locked tasks are intended to be frozen blocks of time, and really are intended as quick way to log unavailability to work. So locking doesn't mix with clocking since clocking implies the task is fluid in its duration.
  • Import pricefile with barcodes. For some suppliers barcode might overlap with an actual real part, so importing barcode will force the real part to incorrectly supercede. Added some logic to cope with this case. If part exists as something that does not supercede, do not let barcodes override the real part.

v5.1.5 only

  • Print Activity report.
    • Option to print all tax coded lines.
    • Option to export instead of print. Slightly nicer output compared to using save as CSV via print preview.