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Release 5.1.8 July 29, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade


  • Refund spares to account. Would generate journal error. Now fixed.
  • Bankrec delete : not working now fixed
  • Bankrec tally, tally the adjusted close tally figure near top left of screen would change in weird ways when you toggle lines. Now working again
  • Floor units, data migration issue. Floor stock concerns such as posted on stock floor valuation wasn't migrated quite correctly so when modifying floorstock c9 would think there were no existing records and it would recreate them, effectively doubling things up on the general ledger. This version fixes up these records and where double up has occurred, delete the older, incorrectly migrated record. (Root cause, migrator did not set loc_type correctly)

This version reworks how debtor/creditor/custdeposit txn records are managed. Migrator is working correctly, but newly created txns in c9 after migration were not presetting item/loc/origin style tracking. Generally not a functional issue, but will cause some grief down the road when we go for v5.2 changes. Some minor functional issues. e.g. on workshop payment to invoice, it would say 'payment' at bottom of invoice, not the correct 'On Account Owing'.

Another issue to fix is that v5 online backups downloaded are not restoreable. Data is fine, but generated schema is busted and needs to be manually tweaked before installing. (Incorrect priming/inferencing of primary key sequences on v4 txn tables).