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Release 5.1.28 August 31, 2021 barney
  • Rebate recording : was allocating rebates against configured floorplan bank, not rebate bank. Now fixed.
Release 5.1.27 August 31, 2021 barney

Bugfix with cash till screen, profit summary. The profit summary figures would tally in inconsistent and unreliable ways if there are unsaved bank/float changes on cash till screen. Also if you drill into txn list with unsaved lines on it you'll see weird looking lines like screengrab below (root cause is partial memory corruption while processing unsaved lines).  On saving things fix themselves up. Issue is now fixed for unsaved lines too.

Prior version:

Fixed version:

Release 4.902 August 30, 2021 barney

More work on migration to v5

Release 5.1.26 August 30, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Bank reconciliation : if you flagged a txn as ignored on a prior rec and since then changed the txn lines GL code so it is no longer part of the bank/instrument being reconciled, c9 would still think the txn needed to be reconciled and resulting rec would fail with do not save. Now fixed (txnline is filtered out of rec)
  • Apply WS estimates which involve sublets not working correctly. Would not apply the change and report an error. Now fixed.
  • Deposit fixes
    • Deposit + WS estimate application at same time would blow up. Now fixed
    • Deposit application could potentially print receipt before txn was safely saved to database which in theory could mean a receipt could pop out but no record of txn make it because of system error or otherwise. Modified deposits to align with strict rule that printing only happens for safely recorded data.
    • Forfeit deposit printout : show payment line underneath subtotals
    • Delete spares deposit via business -> activity was too permissive. Now tightened up.
  • Unit wrangling such as recording a curtailment. Do not try to rewrite the original unit purchase if it predates BAS / GL lock and contains old V4 era txn lines.
  • BAS/GL locking
    • if day is set to 1st then permit loose locking. Allow changes as long as net impact within a given month is zero. BAS already worked this way by default. This change also applies to GL lock.
    • Add a new GL lock : strict. Do not allow any changes at all before GL lock
  • Low level v5 changes : tweaks to how some things are amortized such as GST to that targets which start at zero and express a bias, +ve/-ve or don't care. This prevents materialized tax on lines ever going -ve because amortization started on a line with initial GST of 0 and amortization required to round down).


Modules: c9, c9lib, txnengine


Release 5.1.25 August 27, 2021 barney
  • Bugfix with bad version number hygiene.  If you upgraded to 5.1.24 from 5.1.23 then payroll would break with an error. If you skipped 5.1.23 (e.g. upgraded from 5.1.22) then would work fine.  Fixed here for dealers who are having this issue
  • New job : nag user on close window without saving new job incase they clicked on cancel button accidently
  • Bugfix with received orders report. Under some circumstances if you rerun the report the new report would mash data from prior run into new report, effectively causing the report to double up its results. Now fixed.
Release 5.1.24 August 25, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Payroll / STP Phase 2 tweaks
    • Added facility to access advanced STP update via paycycle. Includes option to zero out all data to STP
    • Added medicare levy reduction calculation into PAYG withholding
  • Bugfix with migrated unit sales involving deals with deposits. If you try to rollback a sale where sale happened before migration, the rollback would not work 100% correctly and would leave the deal finished and the invoice invoiced. On general ledger everything was fine and units are good too, but invoice, would still think it was invoiced and deal would still think it was finished. Now sorted.
  • Workshop invoices on account with a deposit/excess. Reorganise how deposit prints so it is more obvious the account payment is a gross figure
  • Allow delete spares receival (v4 used to permit this, v5 doesn't until now).
Release 5.1.23 August 21, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes you need to log terminals out during upgrade

  • Fix a loophole in spares point of sale where you can force sale to a supplier. (Select customer, add customer, enter in supplier phone number to trigger existing contact check, select supplier ,this pathway skips supplier check).
  • Unit Sales / Deals : not tallying paid by dealership costs correctly on invoice.
  • Unit Sales / Deals : move deposit paid into payment line, to make invoice format consistent with workshop jobs
  • Delete BAS form not working, did not delete GL posting. Now fixed.
  • Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 work
    • initial work to add in new fields on staff such as cessation reason, country code etc
    • Leave recording changes for salaried and (Wages+Treat Leave Days as normal work days) setting. Previously $ figures would not be reported separately and would just roll into normal salary/wages lines. But STP Phase 2 requires this information to be separated out
    • Bugfix with backdated leave on wages for partial day leave, variations on backdated overtime could be incorrect. Now fixed.
    • Bugfix with termination pay on salaried employees using a employment type that defines overtime hours. Termination pay would factor in overtime hours when amortizing unused leave is not a relevance for salaried payrolls. Generally payrolls shouldn't be configured this way but never-the-less is a bug.
Release 5.1.22 August 19, 2021 barney
  • General Ledger rename GST asset/liability codes from "... Clearing" to "... Collected". Clearing implies funds cleared for settlement on lodged bas where these codes actually just track collected GST generated at point of sale.
  • Bugfix with using 'Bank' as payment method. If system doesn't have any banks configured, generic 'bank' payment will trigger a GL journal balance error. Now fixed.
  • Pro forma print for workshop and unit sales (deal pro forma). Print balance outstanding at bottom of invoice.
  • Bug fix : if you canceled a workshop pickup and then generated pro forma, the pro forma would show payment methods previously selected. Now fixed
Release 4.899 August 18, 2021 barney

More migrate to v5 tweaks. Key issue is a dealer who had a couple of unit sales with several hundred units on a single sale triggered a couple of issues.

Release 5.1.21 August 18, 2021 barney

Cancel workshop job / warranty and then redo but with a different customer / supplier would fail with a 'jobheader constraint'. Now working.

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