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Release 5.1.24 August 25, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Payroll / STP Phase 2 tweaks
    • Added facility to access advanced STP update via paycycle. Includes option to zero out all data to STP
    • Added medicare levy reduction calculation into PAYG withholding
  • Bugfix with migrated unit sales involving deals with deposits. If you try to rollback a sale where sale happened before migration, the rollback would not work 100% correctly and would leave the deal finished and the invoice invoiced. On general ledger everything was fine and units are good too, but invoice, would still think it was invoiced and deal would still think it was finished. Now sorted.
  • Workshop invoices on account with a deposit/excess. Reorganise how deposit prints so it is more obvious the account payment is a gross figure
  • Allow delete spares receival (v4 used to permit this, v5 doesn't until now).