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Release 5.1.26 August 30, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Bank reconciliation : if you flagged a txn as ignored on a prior rec and since then changed the txn lines GL code so it is no longer part of the bank/instrument being reconciled, c9 would still think the txn needed to be reconciled and resulting rec would fail with do not save. Now fixed (txnline is filtered out of rec)
  • Apply WS estimates which involve sublets not working correctly. Would not apply the change and report an error. Now fixed.
  • Deposit fixes
    • Deposit + WS estimate application at same time would blow up. Now fixed
    • Deposit application could potentially print receipt before txn was safely saved to database which in theory could mean a receipt could pop out but no record of txn make it because of system error or otherwise. Modified deposits to align with strict rule that printing only happens for safely recorded data.
    • Forfeit deposit printout : show payment line underneath subtotals
    • Delete spares deposit via business -> activity was too permissive. Now tightened up.
  • Unit wrangling such as recording a curtailment. Do not try to rewrite the original unit purchase if it predates BAS / GL lock and contains old V4 era txn lines.
  • BAS/GL locking
    • if day is set to 1st then permit loose locking. Allow changes as long as net impact within a given month is zero. BAS already worked this way by default. This change also applies to GL lock.
    • Add a new GL lock : strict. Do not allow any changes at all before GL lock
  • Low level v5 changes : tweaks to how some things are amortized such as GST to that targets which start at zero and express a bias, +ve/-ve or don't care. This prevents materialized tax on lines ever going -ve because amortization started on a line with initial GST of 0 and amortization required to round down).


Modules: c9, c9lib, txnengine