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Release 5.1.38 October 9, 2021 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Business -> Reports -> audit. Was not printing customer / clerk correctly. Now fixed
  • Business -> reports -> Cash/Sales Recon. Was not working, wasn't converted to v5. Now fixed
  • Honda dealer ID for Honda API.
    • Tweaked wording in edit franchise to make it more obvious it is needed. Later ver of c9 will consolidate back into a single code. Reason for split is long forgotten but I suspect it was to help with Honda transition to SAP when they partially transitioned pre-SAP 4 digit dealer codes to 5/6 digit SAP dealer codes.
    • Import Invoice API, the screen would only accept 5 digits. Now fixed
  • V5 migration post installation : post install included some code that partially v5-ifies contact transaction lists (AR, AP & deposit txns). But code could fail in some circumstances when touching very old pre v4- general ledger (pre 2015) historical data killing c9 upgrade and preventing the upgrade from completing. The proper v5-ification is going to happen in v5.2 in a couple of months, so just pull this incomplete code out and implement it correctly there at a later date.