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Release 5.1.40 October 19, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade.

Tweaks and fixes

  • Bankrec saga drags on....
    • cash till would not save in a very specific edge case. Now fixed. (if any of 10 txns in prior period have a reconciliation error that is cancelled out by time of current rec, they would incorrectly report a rec adjust. On save bank rec this would cause bank rec save to blow up)
    • Latest bankrec changes introduced significant performance slowdown in bank rec and cash till screens. This version includes a number of changes to underlying database queries to improve performance and generally now should be more performant than performance before this speed regression.  The result seems to work but I am not entirely satisfied with it as it is pretty complex and possibly brittle. Other, much more complex options are available if needed as a last resort (using trigger based materialized views to speed up get_ref_bankrec() db query)
  • Contacts -> View Transactions -> View Journal.  Bring up entire posting, not just the payment line
  • Contact Payments
    • Bugfix with Bill+Pay and zero GST. Zeo GST was not being applied isntead was defaulting back to default GST. Now fixed
    • Colour code GST field so it is obvious when it has been manually set
    • Checkbox on date : MemorizeDate. When selected next time payment is opened memorized date will be used instead of default (today)
  • Clerk keys
    • Added an option to allow memorize / reuse clerkkey for 30 seconds. To be used for repetitive data entry such as recording payments off bank
    • Added c9 support clerk key so we can move a bit faster through support work
  • Deals : tweaked wording so it is obvious refund / forfeit deposit button covers both refunds and forfeits.
  • Added a few new GL Expense codes Under 5-7000.