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Release 5.1.47 November 26, 2021 barney

Includes database changes. You'll need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Payroll money report. Was no longer tallying allowances such as tool allowance. Now fixed. (regression bug caused by recent STP Phase 2 changes)
    • Workshop jobs filter by location : show all jobs for a given mechanic if that mechanics location matches the current filtered location (irrespective of where the jobs are tagged)
    • Browse fitment : add a horizontal scrollbar to supers parts for fitments where the super-cession chain is massive.
    • Profit summary report changes:
      • Was not including generic income (or refunds). Now included
    • Sell parts to workshop internal department : system would incorrectly merge parts previously sold meaning the additional part would show up in profit summary for date of original part, not current date. Now fixed.
    • Import parts + images from Monza B2B:  working again.
    • New config setting for new workshop jobs. Forces location to be blank and forces operator to explicitly pick a location on creating a new job
    • V4 migrated payroll data bugfix, was possible to unlock and redo a v4 created payrun and it would double things up on general ledger. Now fixed
    • disallow converting a deal into a quote
Release 5.1.46 November 20, 2021 barney

includes DB changes, you'll need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Workshop main screen tweaks
    • Scheduled tech list is sorted alphabetically. Previously list was not explicitly sorted and actual result was entirely at the whims of the database
    • Scheduled techs
      • Now have a location.  When set main workshop will filter based on this
      • Now have a color.  Tech tabs will colour based on this.
    • Locations: System now has a global default location settable via locations. On creating new job location will default to this if terminal lacks its own default
  • Other tweaks and fixes
    • Bulk Txn list: provide a running tally as txns are selected/deselected
    • Print units to order : include customer / deal particulars just like full list print does
    • Auto sync GLs : fixup issue where overcommitted deposit on spares invoices was not reflecting on the GL. (Work is part of prepping for v5.2 migration)
    • till adjust txns : show a total in activity screen (not retroactive, only applies to tills done from here on)
Release 5.1.45 November 18, 2021 barney

Bugfix with processing statement conditions such as ontime payment rebates / late payment fees.  Would cause c9 to flash save mode unknown and then c9 would shutdown, now fixed.  Root cause : statement condition logic was not correctly ported from v4 to v5.

Release 5.1.44 November 8, 2021 barney
  • Tweaks and Fixes
    • Scheduler : was showing 'booked in' for jobs which are received. Now fixed
    • Typo fix on update terminal screen, repair for typo will apply on future updates after this one
    • Bugfix with locked payment method surcharges. Although locked was set, operator could still initially modify the figures.  Now fixed.
    • Alternatives was not handling matching + supers perfectly. Now sorted.
    • BRP EPC import : Can-Am Roadster wasn't importing. Now fixed.
    • Barcode printing : a new advanced option that will spool barcodes to printers as bitmaps instead of fonts.  Having trouble with with one client printing labels using code 128 barcodes and I strongly suspect problem is with how windows/printer driver is handling the embedded code 128 font.  Hopefully by doing barcode / font rendering in c9 and transmitting to printer as a bitmap will unwedge their issue.
  • Payroll STP Phase 2 testing tweaks
    • ECT outcomes
      • Tweak STP document timestamp to be right now for replacements (as opposed to submits which clip to payday)
      • Make sure Deductions are not removed from periodW1
    • Tweaked allowances to add a new pay item type, to distinguish between allowances where you need to withhold (e.g. tool allowance) and allowances where you do not, (car allowance)
    • Browse STP Submissions : view option to view STP XML request/reply pretty print formatted
Release 5.1.43 November 6, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

This version includes a number of changes to help untangle some of the complex movement of parts & deposits that can arise when 'merge parts ready to invoice' feature in point of sale is used heavily. Specifics:

  • View transaction changes
    • Related invoice changes
      • Include invoices where parts where moved from to as part of merge
      • Colour code lines. (Red: moved parts, Yellow: invoiced parts, Green: converted quote)
      • Add a button to expand the list and look at particulars such as date, order num, amount etc
    • Part list : show original invoice number if any
    • show deposit balance instead of deposit : more useful and intuitive thing to display
  • Deposit history : show invoice type + no
  • Print a4 invoice tweaks
    • audit list also includes figures from invoices that move into printed invoice
    • show invoice# + type in audit list
  • disallow merge invoice into a new reserve.

Other changes and fixes:

  • backfill linking of deposit reclaims on general ledger. This info was missing for a few versions of v5
  • rework memorize clerk key to make UX / keyboard workflow a bit smoother & more predictable. Force clerk window to open but pre-populate it. This will allow memorize to work buy allow muscle memory inputting on clerk to continue to work fine. Also increase retention time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
Release 5.1.42 November 3, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Tweaks and fixes

  • Harley Price file importer, bring in Status / NLA data so online harley epc websites can show these NLA parts on the diagrams
  • Bug fix with bas forms.  If you modify a pending form and hit save, the save silently fails. You need to toggle it from pending to paid to workaround this.  Now fixed.
  • PC-EFTPOS integration. Disable a setting (TopMost on SetDialog) which may be causing obvious keyboard focus steal issues for a specific c9 user using PC-EftPOS shared by multiple terminals.
  • Workshop scheduler tweaks
    • auto update scheduled mechanic from scheduler inputs
    • preset effort on job types preloads into effort calculation
    • leave color coding : change to something more obvious instead of white (dark cyan)
    • Add ability to access leave. Also color code button if any staff have leave in play / imminent
  • Profit Summary report : do not report goods in expenses implicitly reported in COGs figures already
  •  double length of printer names to better work with default named docket printers shared over network
  • command line option to ignore memorized main window positioning configuration. Setting is /max
  • Added color coding to workshop locations so it can be a bit more visually obvious which location is being managed in workshop
  • reconciliation quality of life changes
    • Nag if user tries to save a rec which finalises yesterday/today or in future : to discourage recing this way and causing future discordant txns
    • Make sure ignored reconciles in reference reconciliation roll into discordant txn list (more intuitive behaviour when overlapping recs are in play)