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Release 5.1.44 November 8, 2021 barney
  • Tweaks and Fixes
    • Scheduler : was showing 'booked in' for jobs which are received. Now fixed
    • Typo fix on update terminal screen, repair for typo will apply on future updates after this one
    • Bugfix with locked payment method surcharges. Although locked was set, operator could still initially modify the figures.  Now fixed.
    • Alternatives was not handling matching + supers perfectly. Now sorted.
    • BRP EPC import : Can-Am Roadster wasn't importing. Now fixed.
    • Barcode printing : a new advanced option that will spool barcodes to printers as bitmaps instead of fonts.  Having trouble with with one client printing labels using code 128 barcodes and I strongly suspect problem is with how windows/printer driver is handling the embedded code 128 font.  Hopefully by doing barcode / font rendering in c9 and transmitting to printer as a bitmap will unwedge their issue.
  • Payroll STP Phase 2 testing tweaks
    • ECT outcomes
      • Tweak STP document timestamp to be right now for replacements (as opposed to submits which clip to payday)
      • Make sure Deductions are not removed from periodW1
    • Tweaked allowances to add a new pay item type, to distinguish between allowances where you need to withhold (e.g. tool allowance) and allowances where you do not, (car allowance)
    • Browse STP Submissions : view option to view STP XML request/reply pretty print formatted