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Release 5.1.46 November 20, 2021 barney

includes DB changes, you'll need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Workshop main screen tweaks
    • Scheduled tech list is sorted alphabetically. Previously list was not explicitly sorted and actual result was entirely at the whims of the database
    • Scheduled techs
      • Now have a location.  When set main workshop will filter based on this
      • Now have a color.  Tech tabs will colour based on this.
    • Locations: System now has a global default location settable via locations. On creating new job location will default to this if terminal lacks its own default
  • Other tweaks and fixes
    • Bulk Txn list: provide a running tally as txns are selected/deselected
    • Print units to order : include customer / deal particulars just like full list print does
    • Auto sync GLs : fixup issue where overcommitted deposit on spares invoices was not reflecting on the GL. (Work is part of prepping for v5.2 migration)
    • till adjust txns : show a total in activity screen (not retroactive, only applies to tills done from here on)