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Release 5.1.48 December 6, 2021 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • KTM Factory power wear/power parts importing working again (!)
    • Added magician query for new Fox Racing dealer portal
    • Polaris magician : would not work for some dealers ( depending on how carts on dealer portal are laid out. Previously assumed last cart in the list was a PGA cart ). Now fixed, also generally should be a bit quicker / more reliable too.
    • Bank Rec -> OtherĀ  misc txns . Add new option to separate interest earned from interest paid
    • Bulk magician : was not working for A1 accessories. Now fixed.
    • Unit -> Sale -> rollback : renamed to "rollback sale" to make it clearer what it does
    • View jobs via view unit. Resized window was not positioning view job button correctly. Now fixed.