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Release 5.1.57 January 25, 2022 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade.

Tweaks and fixes

  • Some bank rec tweaks
    • Get prior / reference rec buttons would pull wrong recs. Now fixed
    • Subtle bank rec tweak.  Some entries within the rec period would exert influence on opening balance when intuitively you wouldn't expect them to. Now fixed ( A txn that was in prior period and reconciled, moved into new period damaging that reconcile. Prior period is re-reconciled, but when you goto the new period, bankrec behaved as though the re-reconcile didn't happen WRT the moved transaction and it would pull at opening balance as though the txn was still discordant)
  • Cash till : make it harder / very naggy to change float balances, because often this is misused to quickly paper over deeper problems (usually backdated txn manipulations) and it harms compliance reconciliation (reconciling balance sheet to P&L).
  • More TxScript tweaks (tx v1.2).
Release 5.1.56 January 23, 2022 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • WS Profit report : Word New/Used on report output back to front. Now fixed
  • TxScript : updated with a few tweaks and improvements. This is needed to help out one dealer in particular with a problem with original migration of data when we installed c9 for them.  TxScript is a support/diagnostic tool added as part of v5 to help with low level support stuff so changes here will also be useful for future support and data conversion work.
Release 5.1.54 January 19, 2022 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Husky Magician now working
  • Bugfix with predelivery work on a deal where PD has current parts on order. GST and cost computation would go haywire. Now fixed.
Release 5.1.54 January 18, 2022 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Select GL code screen. Displayed balance was wrong, it was sort of shifted vertically. Now fixed
  • Warranty report. Numerous issues here, some caused by transition to v5 but some even older. Now sorted
  • KTM magician : now working with Dealernet platform
Release 5.1.53 January 14, 2022 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Point of sale margin alert would falsly pop for ordered parts when cost base discount scheme was in play. System would incorrectly compute margin for ordered parts. (Specifically, would use supply from stock price instead order price, which can actually vary when using cost base discounting so the cost price may differ from a stocked items vs a daily ordered item).
  • Drop shipping : the use drop ship option is supposed to default to true if correct customer + supplier settings lined up but instead was defaulting to disable drop shipping. Now fixed.
  • WPS integration: this version includes new experimental WPS integration endpoints for importing price files (heaps faster price files!), exporting orders and magician queries. Not yet enabled just yet... waiting for WPS to give us the go-a-head to make it happen.
  • KTM SAP inspired changes
    • KTM Export : align export format with new SAP format.
    • full stock and full stock summary reports modified to include a new column to show stock buy variation.
    • new option in orderbook to allow bulk moving of parts based on criteria such as all power parts.
KTM / Husky SAP Migration page January 14, 2022 barney

Invoice PDF importing

Updated 18-Jan

Seen first sample of a tax invoice. C9 should be able to read them in but the invoice design is very complex so I am expecting it will take a few goes to get it right. As always flick invoices that do not work to us to get working.

Price file and price change impacts on inventory holding

Updated 16-Jan & 17-Jan.

Update 28-Jan : Pricefiles in repo baked with attributes needed to support new stock ordering rules. Also includes supersession refresh

New price files are in c9 repo. The supplied price files at this this time contain some significant omissions and issues. Hoping to receive revised files from factory in a few days. Specifics:

  • No supercession data was provided. Pre-existing supers as previously supplied last (in September) have been reapplied for now
  • Part categorization, which is critical for stock ordering and stock buy pricing analysis is absent.
  • Lack of part categorization means discounting regime for stock orders cannot be determined. In meantime stock disc % is set to daily disc %

Part pricing is expected to drop significantly with switch to SAP. For dealers with large stock holdings this can be quite impactful on costs and parts margins on already purchased goods.

Next version of c9 will modify two key reports : full stock and full summary. A new column is being introduced called 'stock buy variation'. It will show variation on costings from last in cost vs stock buy price. Ideally it should be zero. But +ve values will indicate loss of stock valuation when stock buy is lower than your last in. These reports will provide an estimate on impacts of any pricing changes on current holdings.

Uploading orders

Updated 5-Feb. Note the change to format below.

Order file format is changed. C9 will release a new version of c9 that will update the generated file  for KTM / Husky. (Done)

Alternatively you can switch to using generic file export method. Click on change export method and select Generic (CSV or XLSX)

In Generic settings

  1. goto advanced tab
  2. set mask to FQR   (this is a format string. It means formatted part number, then quantity then order reference).
  3. Make sure header is empty
  4. Make sure separator is a semi colon (;)
  5. Make sure never escape option is selected

Warning the screengrab above says PQR, but it must now be FQR. Couldn't be stuffed redoing the image. Make sure it is FQR, otherwise parts with spaces in them, like piston kits will not export correctly.


Stock order handling

SAP system will require that stock orders are uploaded on particular weeks in a calendar month and only certain parts can be included in that upload.

To support this some changes have been made to c9. The basic process will be as follows:

  1. Generate a active stock order
  2. NEW Bulk Move eligible parts on stock order to a new sent order during week stock order is open for those part types
  3. export the newly created sent order as per normal
  4. cleanup / ignore stock order with non eligible parts as needed

Bulk move function is accessed via a new function in orderbook under modify. There is a new button called bulk move parts.

To bulk move parts. Highlight the order in order book. Click on modify and click on bulk move.

Next screen Select move to stock order with new sent order. Drop the list down to pick new sent order. Make sure you move cust stock order parts too.

Once finished, c9 will drop relevant parts on a new sent order, leaving anything not relevant behind. Export the newly created order. It will show status of 'sent(?') because its send status is unknown. Goto send -> Export to export as a order file and load into

Bulk move triggers off a new price file attribute : stkordcat. Values being power or apparel or parts. At this time the attribute is not set in c9 repo.  Waiting for a new price file from KTM that captures the underlying required raw data.

Magician availability checks

Updated 18-Jan : Magician working with dealernet

Miscellaneous minor details

Another important change for pricefiles, for c9 : to date c9 has tried to retain formatting spaces etc in price files under circumstances where suppliers inadvertently strip this information as part of some sort of internal IT system migration. c9 will no longer do this and this new price file will substantially remove spaces and dashes. I get that this is an annoyance as raw part numbers are not nearly as ergonomic to work with, but strictly this is a problem that suppliers need to contend with not DMS systems like c9.  One of the reasons why I feel compelled to abandon this is because I have no idea how relaxed KTM's SAP system is with regards to part number formatting and there is no time to try and figure that out. So c9 will publish price files exactly as we get them, instead of trying to reconstruct how part nos looked during gentler times. Possibly down the track c9 may includes some facilities to overlay your own part number formatting scheme to make part numbers easier to look at, but such a change will need to wait for v5 to be fully completed first.

Release 5.1.52 January 7, 2022 barney

Includes DB changes you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Tweaks and fixes

  • Print unit details. Listed parts would have wrong franchise printed next to them now fixed.
  • Print job card. Would erroneously print a random unit type in bottom right of footer for jobs without a unit. Now fixed.
  • Subtle bug with initial v5.1 migration.  v5.1 does alot of General Ledger manipulation, such as recoding floor units from code 1-5100 to 1-5110.  v5.1 carefully verifies GL from v4 to v5 is the same besides designed in changes but there is one thing it wasn't doing. C9's general ledger contains a performance optimisation in that it caches balance tallies on demand on monthly barriers. So when getting current balance it doesn't have to tally every single txn in history of system, it only needs to tally txns since last cache barrier. V5 migrator erroneously did not invalidate/reset the cache. Updating to this version of c9 will trigger a cache reset. This problem can be especially obvious for code 1-5110, but also impacts GST holding codes as these are rationalized in v4 to v5 into a simpler set of GL codes. Impact of this bug is that 5-1100 would be inflated to a much higher valuation on realigning inventory to GL which in turn can impact balance sheet and trading statement. It would in time correct itself if you did any operations that automatically reset the cache (such as posting a historical txn or manipulating an old txn). This update forces a clean update which combined with a refresh sync inventory to GL would align everything correctly.

This version includes some initial, unfinished and non-functional work on migrating to next major v5 version v5.2.  Expectation is this will wrap up in a few weeks.

Release 5.1.51 January 1, 2022 barney

This version of c9 enables STP Phase 2 payroll reporting

For dealers who use c9 payroll, please read this document to cover transition to STP Phase 2

C9 Payroll STP Phase 2 (PDF)