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Release 5.1.53 January 14, 2022 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Point of sale margin alert would falsly pop for ordered parts when cost base discount scheme was in play. System would incorrectly compute margin for ordered parts. (Specifically, would use supply from stock price instead order price, which can actually vary when using cost base discounting so the cost price may differ from a stocked items vs a daily ordered item).
  • Drop shipping : the use drop ship option is supposed to default to true if correct customer + supplier settings lined up but instead was defaulting to disable drop shipping. Now fixed.
  • WPS integration: this version includes new experimental WPS integration endpoints for importing price files (heaps faster price files!), exporting orders and magician queries. Not yet enabled just yet... waiting for WPS to give us the go-a-head to make it happen.
  • KTM SAP inspired changes
    • KTM Export : align export format with new SAP format.
    • full stock and full stock summary reports modified to include a new column to show stock buy variation.
    • new option in orderbook to allow bulk moving of parts based on criteria such as all power parts.