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Release 5.2.7 March 29, 2022 barney
  • Edit received line on order book, include option to permit toggling of receival as unit or spare parts in modify line
  • print pickup job : print key location on invoice
  • receive spares : disallow any manipulation of line pricing when the tally of lines does not match tally on screen. Force operator to deal with mismatch as a first action. This UX change is intended to cope with dealers who use PDF electronic importing involving suppliers where arrival of goods isn't consistent AND the scenario where suppliers do not round individual part supply exactly to one cent causing rounding issues on invoices (for example, order 3 items as $9.95 each, at 15% discount is applied but the discount is applied on line total, round(9.95*3*0.85) = 25.37. but if applied to individual cost and rounded it would be 25.38. And dealer wants to split receival into multiple receivals using goods in technique but still get pricing correct
  • AR/AP Bulk ABA file generation broken by 5.2 changes. Now working again
  • Scheduler changes
    • Bug fixes / improvements with how fixed tasks are handled. Presence of fixed tasks could cause abnormal gaps with floating tasks under some circumstances (typically when there is a fixed task in the day already elapsed and a future fixed task).  The code was broken in fundamental ways: fixed tasks are supposed to start and finish at a fixed time / yet still snap/constrain to actual availability configuration (day/smoko/holidays etc), without clocking so as the day passes through a locked task the task automatically reduces and then unlike floating tasks automatically disappears. So locked tasks behave more like availability rules than tasks. The code that handles this behavior was quite broken, so ripped it out and rewrote it correctly. Added automated tests to validate.
    • colour code jobs in rhs job list using same colour code scheme in scheduler
  • add view audit / journals / details buttons to view contact -> activity tab
Release 5.2.6 March 25, 2022 barney
  • Tweaks and new features
    • Add payment txn. Visual bug with default GL code for things like bills. Would not show GL code linked to supplier. System would still correctly assign the default code, it just wouldn't display on screen on initial opening of the screen. Now fixed
    • New report : repriced items. Allows you to review pricing changes from a supplier after a price file is dropped in. So you can push button opt to revert to original retail pricing that existed prior to installing the price file on individual stocked items. Similar to items below RRP report. Is automatically triggered as part of installing a new price file or can be accessed via spares reports or review price file imports.
    • Modify payment / deposit etc via view deposits : is now full featured popping the same screen on creating a new txn line allowing any aspect of the original txn to be modified.
    • Print build date on unit sales
    • WPS integration : use new Rest API for magician check and image grab
Release 5.2.5 March 23, 2022 barney

Includes DB Changes you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Recent changes to make AR/AP things like lists work faster ran into a bug with postgresql itself.  Certain operations would not update txn list correctly. e.g. adding a payment for an AR balance.

Most common version of pg we have installed has a defect documented [here]

This update includes some tweaks to workaround the triggering conditions of the bug.

Bug was not detected in internal testing because testing is against later version of postgres (which is downloadable off website).


Release 5.2.4 March 20, 2022 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during update. Note that data database changes in this update may take longer than usual to apply.

v5.2 database Performance improvements.  The pilot has uncovered some performance issues with 5.2 , especially with systems with 10 to 20+ years of history in them. Performance issues present in screens where balance, txn lists and especially historical point in time balance is required (such as historical statements). Updates now will generally outperform original v4 code in equivalent areas.

Specific changes

  • transalloc : which tracks payments to invoices, was not indexed at all. Now fixed
  • improve performance of view transactions screen (via use of a newly added materialized view. Also realise pg doesn't transmit not null via views, so force c9 to think underlying view has a non null date, so it index scroll efficiently)
  • reworked balance views to be more efficient, in place using newly created materialized views
  • materialize track last date when a payment is consumed (mv_last_supply), which has its existing analogue in tracking when an invoice is paid (mv_last_alloc). Use this, in combination with date range based GIST indexes to create a very efficient historical point in time open balance query. This will eventually also form basis of point in time/historical stock holding reports for spares once 5.3 is done.

Other changes:

  • Bugfix with using vouchers on point of sale spares. Would throw a journal error. Now fixed.
  • Relaxed STP error alerts to only consider last stp submission made, not last per payrun submission for last 2 weeks. So less naggy about historical/ignored issues
  • Account aging bug fix. A txn on 1st of current month would incorrectly appear in 30 days, not current. Now fixed
  • uom related qty display bug in point of sale in some circumstances.
  • cash till : show a padlock button next to other held over field on cash till so it is more obvious that non cash assets are tallying here
  • view customers. Add a new find by amount button



Release 5.1.74 March 17, 2022 barney

This version is likely the last version of 5.1.  5.2 migration tested against 20+ different backup systems and working well.

More work on migration to 5.2

  • handle deposits incorrectly logged on spares invoices moving parts onto workshop/units/deals
  • handle historically mismatched AP/AR txns where posted journal's status is mismatched.
  • cope with historically invalid deposits, such as deal deposits incorrectly parked on an invoice
  • assume reclaim_total for spares deposits is authoritative, not merely materialized tally of deposit_reclaims and bend general ledger around this.
Release 5.1.73 March 16, 2022 barney

This version includes a fix that only applies for dealers who are running a version of c9 older then 5.1.66. It retroactively makes fixes to update database to cope with errors with price file changes made to try and cope with ongoing issues with KTM group related price files. (specifically, handling of supplier provided formatted parts vs easier to read part number formats).

Prior versions, the upgrade could be unacceptably slow in some circumstances. In some other circumstances the upgrade could damage price file attributes, (things like supplier/colour etc), this version makes needed changes overcoming both these issues.


Release 5.1.72 March 15, 2022 barney

Tweaks to migration tools to v5.2 : cope with migrating data from very old versions of c8, before approx 2005 : with how used spares deposits are tracked on invoices before this date.

Release 5.2.1 + (pilot) March 9, 2022 barney

Fixes and tweaks


  • Select transactions to pay for creditors (and deposits) got direction back to front. Now fixed
  • Added new field on select transactions / view transaction screen. ext reference. Shows unit vin for some key txn types


  • Add transaction : email receipt would throw a NPE error. Now fixed


  • Fixed long standing bug with rebates screen : rebate tally would incorrectly also tally provisional rebates logged onto deals in progress.
  • KTM shop / magician check : now working again.
  • Trial balance screen : tweak for some performance gains (some more work to do here to improve further)
  • View account : view parts on order. Show creation date
  • Units reports : add filter for units on/not on deal for key reports Being:
    • stock list
    • open floorplans
    • stock take


Release 5.1.71 and 5.2.0 March 8, 2022 barney

This version is the pilot release for c9 version 5.2 . It is being made available to a small # of dealers only.

v5.2 reworks money balance tracking systems in c9. Specifically:

  • AR & AP balances
  • Deposits : customer, spares, workshop and unit deal deposit tracking

Reworking improves a number of things and capabilities moving forward for c9. Such as improved pos experience and improved historical deposit reporting capabilities.


Release 5.1.70 March 1, 2022 barney

Tweak : unit sales / profit report. Under some fairly exotic circumstances report could incorrectly calculate a line margin for on road cost lines. ORCs never have a line margin. Now fixed.


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