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Release 5.2.13 April 26, 2022 barney

Includes DB Changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade.

Tweaks and fixes

  • System would incorrectly warn about late balance threshold issues for accounts with a $0 balance owing. Logic/test was not written correctly in 5.2 changes. Now fixed.
  • Unattended Messenger's are supposed to auto upgrade. There has been a long standing issue where upgrade would get stuck in a loop and keep spinning every minute firing off a new messenger. Thought recent changes fixed this but problem is still happening. Found a new possible cause of issue, now fixed in this version. When running multiple copies of c9, 2 or more JVMs could be running, especially on older, resource constrained systems : it is possible messenger is in JVM #1 and is triggering JVM #2 to restart, thinking incorrectly it is restarting itself. Added some logic to force restart initiator to forcefully shutdown. The problem may still occur on updating to this version, but followup updates should hopefully now be okay.
  • 5.2 cash basis BAS was not implemented. Now fixed. (Cash basis query is alot faster in 5.2)