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Release 5.2.15 April 28, 2022 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Billpay fixes and tidies: all fixed
      • Edit transaction - would not let you modify due date on spares receival bills.
      • Browse unpaid bills, would not show spares receival bills.
      • Pay selected bill in unpaid bills : would not  allocate payment to selected bill instead would instead use default logic of paying txns from oldest to most recent ordering
    • Biz activity report and recently added cash reconcile
      • Removed BAS - Cash basis as an option. Instead add a new option to report on accruals or cash, separate so can apply irrespective of tax code filter selected
    • Piaggio Group EPC importing : up and running again
    • Stihl Warranty export : change fuel question so it is tri-state. Instead of checkbox is now a radio with 3 options: Yes, No or N/A (N/A applies for things like electric items)