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Release 5.2.21 May 14, 2022 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Tweaks and fixes

  • DB performance tweak on cash till. Loading of till no list was not efficient, especially on systems with alot of history. Now fixed.
  • General Ledger performance caching : gl tallies are cached automatically on month boundaries. To help keep the cache fast, automatically generate cache overnight for last 20 years of activity.
  • Reworked unit selling / buying and rolling back so that relevant database records are explicitly locked and validated before operations go ahead to protect against undefined outcomes when a these operations are performed simultaneously on different terminals.
  • Aged payables report: was incorrectly using creation date, not due date for determining age on some open txns (bills okay, but purchases or any other txn type would incorrectly work off creation date ), now fixed
  • Print deposits for unit/workshop/spares deposits. Would no longer print reference the deposit applies for for deposits added since upgrading to 5.2. Now fixed.
  • View txn details, unroll unit info a bit more so it is obvious what unit is being affect. Added a button 'view line details' to help with seeing txn line details. All this is to help figure out more easily what unit a factory purchase appears under
  • Expand size of audit/id on some key screens for txn ids for systems with huge amounts of history

Heavy reworking of packqty logic especially around behaviour with pricefiles based on packs setting. Previously this setting would only influence pricing on stock file record and would only recompute on installing a price file. New changes:

  • N/C stocked pricing : factor in pack settings so displayed retail price for example is sensitive to pack size and pack setting
  • Recompute list & retail price when pack settings are manipulated in view change part
  • Update prices : applies pack pricing
  • Factor in pack settings on add part to stock
  • Allow ecordqty to not be a multiple of packqty where orderpack setting is not for packs.

Part of this change is to help facilitate MCS price files. MCS price file contains alot of parts in pack form. Now dealers may wish to sell some/all of those items on pack basis or individual basis. The above design changes will help facilitate this. A separate post will be included to help explain how to effectively manage MCS stocking with respect to packs.