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Release 5.2.26 May 25, 2022 barney
  • Tweaks and Fixes
    • Payroll tweaks
      • Working holiday maker : force medicare tax lines to be removed.
      • Readded foreign resident (non resident) and appropriate tax tables that was removed during transition to STP Phase 2
    • Browse unpaid bills : was incorrectly showing deleted txns as bills to pay. Now fixed
    • Deals -> Cancelled deals. Add button to allow access to deposit history in order to dig into deposit movement on abandoned deals
    • Instruments + Tills tweaks
      • Fix promised in 5.2.20 to sort out cash till detail report with tillnos > 1 didn't work. Now fixed here
      • Tweaked regeneration of general ledger chart names to auto regenerate & backfill till names for tillno 2 upwards as well
    • Rebates : option to exclude a rebate from unit profit reporting. Some rebates may need to be tracked against a unit but dealer may not wish to attribute income directly to sale of the unit.
    • Unit deals : if you click add deal but then click cancel in modify, c9 will not log the deal as a cancelled deal. Tweaked to log deal as cancelled to create a more detailed log of changes.
    • Receive spares onto account : would not set the duedate on supplier correctly. Now fixed.