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Release 5.2.27 May 31, 2022 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • EPC Importing
    • Tweaks on Mojo side broke Mojo importer. Now working again. ( http client cookie mgmt, prob some server side changes impacted things )
    • Got Vespa working
    • BRP spyder not importing : failing on diagrams where there is no image. Now fixed
  • WPS integration tweaks
    • Tweaks wording on old SOAP order export to encourage users to switch to new
    • WPS Rest pricefile import : force any parts not seen but on c9 masterfile to be NLA to facilitate some changes WPS are going to make soon (they will soon not send NLA parts via pricefile import where previously/currently they are)
    • WPS Old SOAP pricefile import: wording to encourage switching to new REST
  • Cash till print detailed report : filter potentially sensitive txns such as payruns, journals & adjustments.
  • Add transaction: select txns to pay off. Cope with txns with a mix of directions for management of manually allocated accounts. Used to mostly work this way with 5.1, but not quite implemented in 5.2 Now fixed
  • Modify Unit : tweak wording so obvious on cost tab totals are provisional only
  • WA Paperwork: added latest bulk registration form
  • v5.1 created rebates cannot be modified in v5.2, results in journal error.  Now fixed