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Release 5.2.30 June 23, 2022 barney

New features

  • Ability to sell giftcards while in point of sale, mixed in with parts. Just f7 to access adding a gift card to sale. This work is part of a project to integrate giftcards into online websites (selling and using). Originally planned for 5.3 after, but bringing it forward. Giftcards in spares POS is first step to prove out a key part of the overall idea.

Tweaks  and fixes

  • print deals. For deals tagged as quotes print 'QUOTE' in top right instead of 'DEAL'
  • C9 setup screen would lockup under some exotic cases, now fixed ( regeneration of general ledger chart names from instrument names could cause a lockup, because changes would happen without commiting changes to database, causing blocking on DB)
  • Merge other invoices nag : default to NO. This function seems to get overused leaving long messy trails of interconnected invoices, so discourage its use unless the operator positively wants to do this
  • Receive spares : allow received invoices to be future dated. Nag but allow user to press on if they want.
  • Supplier return via point of sale
    • Force operator to pick either invoice now, or invoice later. Previously would default to invoice now, which generally is not desirable default.  Instead of forcing a default this version compels operator to pick an option
    • If invoice now is selected make sure order number field is not blank.
Release 5.2.29 June 20, 2022 barney

Bugfix with 5.2.28 and newly added adjust aging feature. Aging adjustment would not allow you to go ahead under some fairly common scenarios, now fixed. (Achieve required balance by using unallocated -ve txns in periods without explicit target balance goals).

Release 5.2.28 June 7, 2022 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Payroll 2022 updates
      • Super rate set to 10.5
      • Disable <450 super threshold rule
      • Update and enable tax tables (only STSL has changed in 2022)
      • Payslip tweaks
        • Do not include FBT in net or gross tallies
        • Do not include garnish in  gross tally
      • Payroll  general ledger posting changes : c9 payruns will have a different construction from 2022 onwards. Instead of posting net and tax as expenses, the expenses posted will be gross salary figures only, but subdivided into salary, wages, commissions, and per diem. Tax /garnish etc will track as liabilities only. For purposes of historical consistency, any payrun before july 2022 performed with this version of c9 will still maintain older posting structure. Main purpose of this change is so that P&L c9 emits is a bit more polished, grouping payroll expenses on P&L in a more meaningful way.
      • Add / Modify leave : show dates with full 4 digits, to help guard against bad data entry being visually hidden. e.g. keying in 2122 instead of 2022 granting someone 100 years of sick leave but not being visually obvious this is what is happening bc all you see on key screens is 22
      • Long standing typo fix on edit payrun : "Staff" instead of "customer" on print payslip button
    • Bills and transactions
      • Supplier bill split payments. Add and manipulate split due dates for big suppliers. either in add txn you can split payments, or modify txn (for non txn bills such as spares receival). See screengrabs below
      • View transactions : displayed reference is both txn reference and line reference
      • Modify txn. Allow modification of line reference here as well as txn  reference
    • Modify txn : if you modify a txn which is a sale and on account, c9 would always nag to use deposit if any.  Now only nag for new txns or modified txns which previous were not active
    • print a4 spares : accomodate a -ve refund/exchange value greater than 10,0000. Previously prints as hashes ####. Now fixed
    • Bank Rec
      • Increase size of reference
      • For cash till, set reference to also include the payment instrument and till #. Not just the word 'banked', for easier bank rec
    • PPSR report : suppress raw report page by default
    • Low level systems fix : restore from backups can take a long time with v5 because of bad DB stats and that v5 contains alot of materialized views that require repopulation: tweak restore so it forces a stats refresh before redoing materialized views
    • Fitment finder : for franchises where dealer initially used remote EPC but then switched to locally installed EPC the fitment finder would always return error, as it would try to do a remote EPC lookup even though remote EPC is no longer in play. Now fixed
    • spares receival label and a4 printout.
      • Labels : print ordernum with phonenumber if ordernum is set (to help with web orders)
      • Labels and a4 : print 'OP' and instead of 'SP' for weborders (OP being online parts sales)
    • Low level v5 changes : mostly in part to support 5.3 work. But two things relevant for 5.2
      • rewrote DB layer constraint trigger : faster, simpler, better error reporting, improved constraint checks. Constraint triggers main job is to protect more complex invariant on the database layer itself, such as GL trial balance always tallying CR and DRs the same.
    • Added an aging adjusment feature : view transactions : adjust aging. It works a bit differently to how this sort of hing is handled in past where we would post new txns to force aging to values we want. Instead new system juggling allocations of payments to bills to arrive at desired aging. So no requirement to post anything to general ledger in order to arrive at desired aging figures.
    • Add/Modify rebate : display / allow user to toggle whether or not the rebate is to be included in profit figures for that unit
    • View contact : parts on order. Added view part/view invoice buttons on this tab
    • 5.2 regression fix : on workshop jobs, completed but fully deposited jobs would colour code purple.  Behaviour was accidently lost on moved to 5.2. Readded