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Release 5.2.30 June 23, 2022 barney

New features

  • Ability to sell giftcards while in point of sale, mixed in with parts. Just f7 to access adding a gift card to sale. This work is part of a project to integrate giftcards into online websites (selling and using). Originally planned for 5.3 after, but bringing it forward. Giftcards in spares POS is first step to prove out a key part of the overall idea.

Tweaks  and fixes

  • print deals. For deals tagged as quotes print 'QUOTE' in top right instead of 'DEAL'
  • C9 setup screen would lockup under some exotic cases, now fixed ( regeneration of general ledger chart names from instrument names could cause a lockup, because changes would happen without commiting changes to database, causing blocking on DB)
  • Merge other invoices nag : default to NO. This function seems to get overused leaving long messy trails of interconnected invoices, so discourage its use unless the operator positively wants to do this
  • Receive spares : allow received invoices to be future dated. Nag but allow user to press on if they want.
  • Supplier return via point of sale
    • Force operator to pick either invoice now, or invoice later. Previously would default to invoice now, which generally is not desirable default.¬† Instead of forcing a default this version compels operator to pick an option
    • If invoice now is selected make sure order number field is not blank.