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Release 5.2.31 June 29, 2022 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Tweaks and fixes

  • Refinement to recently added sell giftcard on point of sale. If discount is set and it happens to be > max discount, c9 will whinge even though discounts do not apply to giftcards. Now fixed
  • Unit sales bugs. unit sale sometimes needs to manipulate / create multiple journal postings. e.g. one for sale and one for rebates on sold units. under some exotic and difficult to replicate circumstances, journals posted could get muddled with unit lines posting onto the rebate line. Some repairs:
    • Firstly aggressively test during unit sale creation for any signs of mixup of journals. Fail sale if anything like this happens
    • Secondly: fix a specific example discovered: manipulation of an uncollected rebate during sale
  • View transactions tweak, specifically to help with determining which job(s) an invoiced sublet belongs to
    • Display job no in ext ref field for invoiced sublets linked to a single sublet only
    • add a 'details' button to dive into unlderlying txns details
    • On view details, break a sublet down to its attached job(s)
    • In browse Open P/Os : display sublet # so can be manually cross referenced with view transactions screen