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C9 now supports giftcards integrated into c9 enabled websites.

This allows users of your website to:

  1. Purchase giftcards off the website
  2. Use giftcards to pay for web purchases

Giftcard purchasing

When enabled there is a new option on your website.

Selecting it you can add multiple giftcards into your shopping basket.

The giftcard drop into your basket and can co-exist with parts as well. If the cart only contains giftcards then the freight options will only have one for giftcards only

Payments are per normal, but if the operator chooses to pay with paypal then giftcards are good to use right away. Otherwise the giftcards need to be processed in your c9 as you would normally for a web order to generate giftcards and collect money for them.

Example final screens and emails:

Processing the order via c9, giftcards will be added to point of sale, issued and billed. (If not already billed in case of paypal)

Once done, giftcards will be sent via email.

Giftcard Payments online

Giftcards can be used online for payments. In payment option you'll see an option to add giftcards.

Note that enabling payment via giftcards creates some risk for you as a dealership if usage of giftcard is repudiated. It does represent a new attack vector for fraud. C9 includes some mechanisms to detect and discourage bad behaviour such as people trying to brute force guess giftcards. C9 will lock them out after a few tries.

The payment system is pretty simple and intuitive. On payment screen at top is a slot to key in giftcards

When you process sale via c9 the giftcard for payment will preload into payment methods for processing.

Secure giftcard processing

There is a chance a giftcard may be used in store while there are reserved weborders on it not processed.

To help c9 detect this situation there is a new setting in c9. Setup -> main setup screen. Deposits. Following new setting.

When set this setting makes c9 check online for any reservations against the giftcard not yet synced into c9. The upside is you get earlier warning about giftcard consumption not yet processed in c9, the downside is when handling giftcards you must have internet access. e.g. you cannot perform pos sales with giftcards if your net access is down.