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Release 5.2.32 July 17, 2022 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Online Gift cards

This version of c9 includes changes to help facilitate usage of giftcards online. Both buying and selling. A followup post / email will be sent on how to get onboard with this and add it to your website. Specific scope of changes in c9 itself:

  • Sync giftcards purchased online into c9 point of sale and add them to bill of goods on point of sale
  • sync giftcards used as part of payment options online, and prep them to be used as payment on online orders
  • 'safe' giftcard mode. Make sure giftcards are not consumed online same time they are used in store. Requires c9 POS to be online all the time when utilising giftcards. New option in setup to enable it. It is possible to use giftcards online without it and there will be no ongoing double spend problems, but enabling it can make UX a bit smoother by more actively detecting when a giftcard has been 'reserved' / 'consumed' online but not yet processed in c9.  The main point of this change will become more obvious in time, where future version of c9 will support sharing giftcards across multiple c9 instances (for dealerships how have more than one shop). In such scenarios, central authority on where giftcards are managed is more diffuse, and double spend problem is in fact a problem in this setup, so requires more aggressive controls in place to handle it. Inclusion on this version is mainly as a proof of concept to confirm feasibility of safe / accurate consumption of giftcards where consumer/acquirer is a different system from the holder/issuer of the giftcard.

Other changes

  • Pay slips : gross figure previously would subtract voluntary super. Now fixed to not do this.
  • Unit sales : for sales on account with a deposit print balance owing figure on them, so to not confuse finance companies too much
  • Loose mode units: a couple of dealers run c9 in a mode where floor units can be quickly added during sale. This mode conflicts with recent changes to protect against simultaneous selling/modification of units. Now fixed to support these dealers.
  • Reworked deals screen for finished / cancelled deals to display a view deal screen. Accessing commonly request things from here:
    • Print deal/ print resulting invoice
    • view customer details
    • View deposit history
    • (New) view deal attachments
  • deals : option to attach images etc to deals
  • merge parts on pickup : merge freight to charge figures
  • Payment methods: this code has been heavily reworked as part of processing importing of giftcards used online. Some subtle variations, for example it is generally better at memorizing selected payment methods, including giftcards and banks, when you come out and come back in to redo a payment.
  • Txn allocation : if you delete or wind down a txn c9 is supposed to automatically juggle allocations of adjunct txns. Under some narrow circumstances this doesn't always happen. v4 c9 used a very brute force/greedy check everything approach, v5 is a bit more refined and only allocates where needed. But some scenarios were overlooked. Now fixed. The underlying logic has been heavily rewritten as part of this: a little more efficient/faster ( doesn't open/edit sibling txns, but can manipulate allocations of linked journal entries without loading entire posting).
  • Txn adjust aging tool. Could crash with an error in some circumstances with fairly complex aging adjustment requirements ( ConcurrentModificationException ).  Too technical and obscure to explain why and how, so just a note to say it is fixed here.