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Release 5.2.34 August 1, 2022 barney

Tweaks and Fixes

  • Low level systems changes
    • C9 contains a memory leak and it has been there for ages. Toggling between different parts of c9, from workshop to spares and back eats up a little bit of memory which is never returned. Over time c9 will eventually run out of memory. Most people would not run into limit because it clears out when you logout of c9. But if you leave c9 logged in after a few weeks it will grind to a halt. Fixed in this version
    • On a very small % of computers, opening c9 can cause other programs on windows to either open or close unexpectedly. It relates to some work done 10+ years ago. when you open c9 you expect it to become the 'top' program on your screen but on either older windows or older javas it didn't work. There is an old cludge in c9 to workaround this but this cludge can cause behaviour in other programs. Discovering this cludge is no longer needed to ensure c9 pops as top program when you open it, so removed entirely, removing strange behaviour on some computers. (Fix: kill simulated mouse click on window header to force it to gain keyboard focus, tweak focus grab code a little bit too).
  • Other changes
    • Bank rec tweak open balance
      • Make sure txn is tagged so adjusted balance is visible on txn posting in business -> activity.
      • allow manipulation of such txns in business -> activity. Previously could out with a 'cannot alter bankrechead' message
    • honda warranty export tweaks to work better with company contacts (include contact in firstname field)
    • import part images, skip over absurdly long image names which are problematic for KTM powerparts importing
    • refresh WA transfer form. Something weird going on with it in some PDF viewers. Suspect color model issue. But hopefully fixed now. New transfer form is rearranged slightly.