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Release 5.2.35 August 4, 2022 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Print rebate : show wording tax invoice on print out instead of receipt
  • Print spares invoice : Allow freeforms of zero qty to be printed with highlighted text. For embedding notes into a spares invoice
  • C9's internal copy of c9 only : embed information about upcoming pricing rationalisation
  • Support storing attachments externals to c9, e.g. in a dropbox share folder or network drive. Doing so removes storage restrictions in c9. See more details below
  • realtime reconcilation check. Everytime a GL posting is add/modified c9 will verify that its presentation on balance sheet is consistent with P&L. It will nag if it is not. This is useful for detecting in realtime reconciliation errors, e.g. using no cash collected or AR debit/credit txn will always trigger the nag. Also more subtle scenarios, such as selecting tax coding of CapEx but not using a balance sheet GL code for the capital purchase. Mirrors behaviour of reconciliation report but does it in realtime.
  • Select transaction : sort date field is showing wrong value on all tabs. Fixed.
  • Modify workshop invoices so the invoice number doesn't have commas in it. This aligns workshop inv with spares and units. Apparently vicpol don't like commas in workshop invoice numbers, it messes with their delicate, IT systems. That's some mighty fine police work there Lou.
  • Low level v5 bugfix. Exotic txn lifecycle would fail. Now fixed.
    • Specific scenario: record warranty on a supplier. Then delete it.  Then redo the warranty but changing the date from original recording to an earlier date, and the specific supplier happens to have open bill txns which are dated on a date the occurs after the new warranty date and the supplier is flagged as auto allocate.
    • Root cause: materialized last alloc/last supply computation broken in above specific scenario, triggering a database constraint error

Track bigger files in c9

C9 allows you to attach images and files to things like job cards etc. The size limits are very stringent although because our cloud backup services cannot cope with the c9 database being used as a generic high volume cloud storage system.

To workaround this, this version of c9 includes changes which will allow you to store attachments on an external source, such as a network drive or a locally mapped DropBox folder. With such a system in play c9 will no longer nag about limits. Downside is you need to manage backups for network drive yourself. A good solution is to get a dropbox account and use the dropbox share folder. Example screengrabs.

Setup -> main setup screen -> networking 2 tab. Navigate CDN option to point to where your share drive / drop box mirrors to. You may want to create a sub directory to keep c9 stuff distinctly separate.

Now attachments you have on jobs etc will automatically save into the configured sync folder, which in above example is a dropbox folder which will then automatically backup to dropbox