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Release 5.1.39 October 15, 2021 barney

Not yet released. Mon or Tue.

Includes DB changes you need to log out of all terminals during upgrade.

This version includes further modifications to bank rec. (The 12th iteration since Oct last year, bankrec is hard and v5 is especially challenging because of how v5 allows you to re-code journals, modify values etc, something v4 didn't allow so the 'problem space' around bankrec is more complex and varied now).

Specifics of this one:

  • Fix an edge case where re-coded journal in a prior period (e.g. change payment method from cash to eft after fact) was breaking attempts to save a new later journal.  The later reconcile needs to treat the re-coded journal as a deletion but wasn't doing that. (Workaround to this is to redo reconcile for period covering the recoded txn, this change means this workaround is not necessary)
  • This version of bank rec is alot smarter about how to handle residual values from discordant transactions.  A new value is tracked in bank rec called adjusted value.  This value tracks what was previous reconciled and allows better management of incorrectly reconciled behaviours. Easier to describe with an example. Lets say cash closes at $100 and there is a $100 invoice on that day. The next day, you backdate a delete for that transaction. On next day you want to show a open balance of $100 and a discordant effect of $-100. Previously c9 would not make such a calculation. It now does by explicitly tracking the need to undo the effect of the prior, now broken reconcile. i.e. on screen:

    In txn details you'll see a new column ,adjusted ,exerting an influence on opening balance
  • Lots of other little tweaks and tidies to bank rec. Just to document briefly.
    • Repeatability of reconcile : if you redo a reconcile then discordant txn listing should be the same as what was previously computed. Previously would not necessarily work that way
    • Deleted txn include toggle, no longer influences open balance.  The old behaviour was a bit of a cludge to try and emulate removing incorrect influence of prev reconciled txns. Since adjusting for prev reconciles is now formalised and tracked separatly this is no longer necessary
    • New buttons to query prior chonological rec and reference rec as they can be different and difference can be important. Also refined how these are computed to tidy a couple of other edge cases.

Other fixes and tweaks in this release

  • bugfix with tradein purchase on finance where purchased unit has dealer costs logged on it. Now fixed.
  • [TODO] workshop invoices for insurance jobs : show outstanding balance line total
  • tweaks to historical aged balance report to show 6+ figure numbers. Currently clips to 99,999.99
  • tweaks to view transaction unallocated column.  For 6+ figure numbers it displays all hashes #####
  • Tender amount : allow inputting of 6+ digit figures.
  • cash till : reintroduce cash till counting for paypal.  Was forcefully disabled in v5. Although cash till is designed to be used for on premises assets which can be counted/settled on an everyday basis, some dealers have a workflow where they rely on this screen to help manage delayed settlement instruments too, such as bank and web integrated paypal
Release 5.1.38 October 9, 2021 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Business -> Reports -> audit. Was not printing customer / clerk correctly. Now fixed
  • Business -> reports -> Cash/Sales Recon. Was not working, wasn't converted to v5. Now fixed
  • Honda dealer ID for Honda API.
    • Tweaked wording in edit franchise to make it more obvious it is needed. Later ver of c9 will consolidate back into a single code. Reason for split is long forgotten but I suspect it was to help with Honda transition to SAP when they partially transitioned pre-SAP 4 digit dealer codes to 5/6 digit SAP dealer codes.
    • Import Invoice API, the screen would only accept 5 digits. Now fixed
  • V5 migration post installation : post install included some code that partially v5-ifies contact transaction lists (AR, AP & deposit txns). But code could fail in some circumstances when touching very old pre v4- general ledger (pre 2015) historical data killing c9 upgrade and preventing the upgrade from completing. The proper v5-ification is going to happen in v5.2 in a couple of months, so just pull this incomplete code out and implement it correctly there at a later date.
Release 5.1.37 October 5, 2021 barney
  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Giftcards
      • Sell Giftcard to account not working. Now fixed
      • Business -> activity. Giftcard sales would not show total on this screen. Tweaked giftcard selling so they display total on this screen
    • Cash reconcile : could not access gateway instrument (Paypal), now added
    • Cash till print details : would print all txns when it needs to constrain the output based on selected till #

Monday, 4 Oct a dealer reported that their website was not working when getting to it via a web search. The problem was identified and fixed 90 mins later.

C9 hosted websites with SSL certificates stopped working on some devices, such as iPhones. On these devices the web browser would report that there is a security issue with the website and that the websites SSL certificate had expired.

Root cause: c9 hosted websites use letsencrypt for SSL certificates.  SSL certificates contain a list of certificates in a 'chain of trust'.  The root of letsencrypt certificates expired a couple of days ago and was replaced with a new root.

The problem I believe is that c9's webserver was configured such that it didn't provide the full certificate chain, it only provided the top of the chain.  Most web browsers fill in the gaps using trusted chains they know about. But with transition to a new root, some environments did not have enough information to fill in the gaps and could not validate that the link to the website was secure/trusted.

The fix involved making sure c9 webserver served the full chain of certificates.  The webserver we use made this fiddly to achieve so took a little longer than it ordinarily should of to resolve. One longer term mitigation we will need to reconsider our webserver stack (consider nginx to replace lighttpd).

Release 5.1.36 September 30, 2021 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Purchase unit : system would let you enter in a trust receipt during purchase from someone else. Now disabled
    • Some more non functional payroll tweaks in preparation of STP Phase 2
      • CHE tweaks : tweaks /fixes to quarterly cycles. Options to disable PAYG and SuperG computation
    • Payroll : Working  Holiday Maker Tax Tables were wrong. Now updated
    • Under some circumstances which I am not entirely sure how, sell new giftcard could abort on saving cycle if user retries to save it will write the giftcard in a way that makes it unusable. This version fixes the underlying bug.
    • Print unit invoice : allow printing of invoices imported into c9 where we replaced a competitor system. V5 had a rule in it where it would only print if it could find a matching journal posting, which are never created with migrated data. Now relaxed that rule.
    • access txn audit via more details in reconcile
    • Some quality of life changes to bank rec
      • View details screen : new button more details on audit shows complete list of all audited modifications
      • New button 'View reference reconciliation'. When figuring out which txns are discordant, c9 figures out a previously saved reference reconciliation which logs subsequent changes potentially making that rec invalid. Potentially useful information when trying to hunt down reasons for discordant txns
    • Shipping Label, Better segregate sender addr with a gap and a line. Like so:
    • timesheet option to print highlighted mechanic only
    • unit sale modification, highlight when base price of a unit has changed in an edit session to help pickup situations where dealers have wrong target price locked in
    • unit deal, make it more obvious what parts are quoted and what are invoiced/ordered
    • settle finance across multiple units  where DOF doesn't evenly divide across the units. Make sure cents balance correctly using a more precise amortizer/quantizer.
Release 5.1.35 September 28, 2021 barney

Fixes and tweaks

  • Unit stock take report : new column: unit floor age in days
  • Balance sheet, include motor vehicle asset codes.
  • Payroll
    • Bug with adding additional employer super where 450 min super threshold is configured. The 10% super calc would assume additional super is part of 10% super and would compute delta changes on subsequent runs undoing the effect of additional employer super, but only when the additional super is not part of the last payday of the month.  This behaviour only impacts on c9 customer, but generally the ability to log additional employer super is broken in this scenario. Now sorted.
    • STP Phase 2 only
      • added some checks for special TFNs that denote TFN application pending / no TFN supplied
      • Config switch to distinguish between registered for working holiday maker (probably no-one in our industry) and non-registered.
Release 5.1.34 September 23, 2021 barney
  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Unit sales
      • Retroactive tweak to v4 migrated data for account unit sales, would itemize on account payments when it shouldn't
      • Show total outstanding for on account payments
    • Add parts via workshop  : under some exotic circumstances, parts you add via work would forget what job you are working on and attach to a different iob, or a null job.  ( when you are in pos screen if you deep dive into a parts history and do things like reprint a historial receival for that part, that can usually trigger this issue, very old bug been there for ages, now fixed )
    • QLD TMR authority forms, print customers drivers licence in CRN fields on these forms.
    • Change c9 support phone number in help about.
Release 5.1.33 September 22, 2021 barney
  • Y-Shop integration : now uses Yamaha's API. Bonus is model fitment data! Example link here
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
    • return parts via point of sale with qty>1 , would throw a journal error
    • Fine tune screen refresh on using a voucher for payment where voucher amount is not sufficient to cover invoice total
  • Some txnscript tweaks to allow easier remote access for diagnostic support ( txnscript now accessible via c9 server console, similar to remote DB access )
Release 4.903 September 17, 2021 barney

Some more refinements to v5 migration to get a few more systems over the line.

Release 5.1.32 September 16, 2021 barney

Includes DB changes ,you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Fixes and tweaks

  • Cash / Bank Reconciliation. Couple more exotic scenarios
    • 1) Do a cash-till reconcile on period A -> B which was previously reconciled.  If since rec some txns were backdated into A->B period and into before A as well, and as part of cash till you try and record banked changes at the same time, under some certain combinations the save would fail. (discordant txn list from journalrec_base would alter on posting the banked txn and how that txn influences the old reconcile, when in reality it shouldn't make any difference
    • 2) re-do a reconcile. Held over txns that where previously okayed in overlaid rec would come through as ok, but effect of overlaid rec should be ignored in this scenario, forcing the user to redo handling of heldover txns and reconsider the reconcile that precedes chronologically
  • Payroll tweaks, for STP phase 2 : included alternative tax table computation, that uses linear equations & formulas ATO publishes in NAT spreadsheets, as opposed to using progressive tax tables ATO also publish, to help smooth out STP Phase 2 compliance
  • View/Change part quick stock order. 'Daily' and 'Alt' buttons would still order part under stock. Now fixed.
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