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C9 V5 Progress May 31, 2020 barney

V5 c9 is coming in 2021. Details, motivations, goals and progress


Aggregated C9 Client Data April 5, 2020 barney

This post will remain sticky for next few months. For recent updates scroll down further.

Updated 21-June


Release 4.381 July 8, 2020 barney

Fixes and tweaks

  • KTM Factory EPC / Part Image importer : broken again.... Working again.
  • Memory monitor.
    • This version adds an active memory monitor into c9.  Once memory consistently exceeds 80% and system is idle for a few minutes c9 will pop an alert warning of this encouraging shutdown. Part of this is it does a memory dump to disk, which we can then analyse to figure out root cause of low memory scenario (typically because of bad behaviour between java and video card drivers, but many many things can cause this so worth diving in to try and figure it out whenever it happens).
    • New setup option that will trigger a memory dump in event of out of memory error so we can do a detailed followup to figure out why memory ran out.


Release 4.830 July 3, 2020 barney

Fixes and tweaks

  • Bugfix with browsing notifications  could display record fetch error. Root cause is sending invoices for internal jobs: would work seem to work fine but setup a subtle problem that triggers browse notification screen to fail.  Possible other pathways exist in c9 that could trigger same/similar issues. Bug potential has been there for a long time (since 2016 at least), but only just received a report of bad behaviour this week. Underlying issue now fixed.
  • Edit estimate : allow window to be resized / maximised
  • Point of sale, once # of parts on list fills the screen make sure scroll window to bottom whenever a new part is added
  • AusPOST integration
    • confirm despatch screen : added search and toggle all feature to help out dealers who are doing large volumes of online order fulfillment and need tools to help to finetune their daily freight manifest.
    • Open label screen. Now has an advanced tab where you can manually configure pdf viewer open config. This can be used to force PDF viewer to print to a specific printer. e.g. something like this (the {f} is replaced with actual PDF received from AusPOST)
      AcroRd32.exe /N /T {f} "auspostlabelprinter"
Release 4.829 June 19, 2020 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Profit summary report changes
    • Provide a count column. Meaning varies per section. For spares, it corresponds to each invoice line, for units each unit, for workshop, each service job.
    • Split unit reporting into new/used
    • Provide a simplified 'overview' report. Showing a handful of key metrics:
      • Accessories gross + profit
      • OEM gross + profit
      • Workshop labour gross
      • Units sales gross + profit
  • Unit deals : provide two tabs, to separate out active deals and quotes
  • Other fixes and tweaks
    • Low level NullPointer fix I thought I fixed 4 years ago still broken. Would cause screens with expandable trees in them like orderbook to render strangely which 'tears' the display. Should now work more reliably
    • Workshop scheduler. If you access clocking from here it would change the displayed job in modify task to job last touched in clocking screen. Now fixed.
    • Point of Sale supply early / already handled orderbook interaction : do not do this for UOM stuff as it is unable to apply UOM adjusted qtys to already handled in orderbook
    • Unit contract particulars, allow definition of standard / global notes printed on all particulars. (accessed via setup screen ,units tab)
Release 4.827 & 4.828 June 10, 2020 barney

Fix regression introduced in last version. In modify labour could not click on recalculate button.  Now fixed (you could Alt+r to trigger recalc or tab to it but couldn't mouse to it).

Other : import E-Ref into point of sale.  Import would try and merge in dealer info into your c9 and part of this it would rewrite selected contact as being both supplier/customer and on account. Makes sense to do this in context of sending an order to another c9 dealer, but not in the context or importing an order another c9 dealer has sent you. Tweaked so it doesn't do this anymore.

Release 4.826 June 7, 2020 barney

Suzuki EPC. This release includes ability to import A subset of Suzuki EPC diagrams. The diagram information is provided by Suz Aus and is curated by c9. The curation process is very complex and error prone, so likely there are errors in the resulting dataset. Also it is incomplete. Provided on basis that something that potentially contains inaccuracies is better than nothing.

You can view the curated results here first:

Other tweaks

  • Print labels on receive. Make print order part number order
  • Payroll : added 2020/2021 tax brackets.
  • Modify spare part on workshop job. Show location incase operator wants to restock the part
  • VicRoads : updated authority to transfer form to latest ver



Release 4.825 May 26, 2020 barney
  • Tweaks and Fixes
    • Workshop labour : you can now key in labour as a fraction into hours.  i.e. key in 1.5 will convert to 1 hour 30 minutes. Useful for managing warranty work
    • View web order from spares point of sale complete. Would not show web order for F12 pickup part of weborder. i.e. if order is originally parked onto a reserve/pickup.
    • Deal substitute. Substitute with blank unit now blanks out engine number and long form VIN.
Release 4.824 May 24, 2020 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Harley Davidson Magician check: now working again
  • View webs order from point of sale complete. Have a report from dealer it was blank. Not entirely sure how this happened, but made some code changes here that hopefully will improve things.
  • Increase screen size of date/time fields in post new journal. Previously was not fully visible on screen

Triumph UK have a system in play where your stock file is daily synced with their systems which allows them to implement their own magician like dead stock finder.

Following post explains how to enable this in c9.  Once setup in c9 it is all done and just automatically works every day without any further involvement.

To setup:


Release 4.823 May 19, 2020 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Fiche : "print Parts we stock" that fit a certain bike. Print both the superceded part and original diagram part if relevant (previously would only print diagram part). Example:
  • Install price file. Process stock file in part number order so resulting install report parts are ordered instead of being random-ish
  • AusPOST integration. On international shipments, when there are more than 20 parts on the order, coalesce data sent to AusPOST to be one line per franchise as AusPOST have a limitation of only 20 lines per package. i.e.:
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