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Aggregated C9 Client Data April 5, 2020 barney

This post will remain sticky for next few months. For recent updates scroll down further.

Weekly Events:

  • Week Starting March 15 : gov begins seriously warning of restrictions, c9's last onsite install before crisis is abandoned
  • Week Starting March 22 : state borders start to close. First non-essential services shutdown in Vic
  • Week Starting March 29 : increase in scope of vic services shutdown. Dealers reporting dramatic drop in store traffic. C9's first public email outlining our approach
  • Week Starting April 5 :

Current Exposition:

  • Drops in this weeks sales data, especially for dealers in middle and larger dealers. Visually doesn't look statistically significant: comparing to weekly drops in the past. Require one or two more data points to confirm if a trend or a blimp. Visually, growth you'd expect year on year appears to be eroded.




Release 4.817 April 8, 2020 barney

Not yet released. After Easter

Payroll changes

  • Added a new Payroll item type + supporting GL codes: garnished wages for capturing child support
  • Bank rec add other : new txn type to bounce garnished wages clearing liability
  • Edit payroll records. Added alerts to steer users away from common input errors : -ve / +ve values for various payroll types and using advanced pay items without double checking.


  • KTM / Husky part image import. Skip over parts with placeholder image. mostly just straight up spares like screws etc and just clutter up the fitment web pages
  • add/edit Website menu. Add new option to configure sorting of items in menu by list price or part number. Only works for v3 websites.
Release 4.816 April 6, 2020 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Import part images
    • Import images + metadata for Fox Racing for website content.  Better, faster and more detailed dataset provided by Fox Racing, instead of using the b2b portal. Among other things it grabs a detailed part description and supports multiple images per part.
    • Tweak WPS to grab part list & description over encrypted channel. (Low risk issue but since I made newly added Fox use encryption might as well tidy up WPS)
  • Bug fixes
    • Merge multiple pickups into one in point of sale. Base invoice would grab and apply original discounts, but the merged invoices by default would not have discount applied. Now fixed.


Release 4.815 March 24, 2020 barney

This version includes a couple of tweaks to make listing accessories on web a bit smoother / simpler. Specifically targeting Lusty.  Actual changes

  • Lusty img import : import 'brand' attribute as 'webbrand' so it doesn't conflict with 'brand' attribute on price file. They are coded differently so compete to update same attr and order of things of doing img import vs price file update can have inconsistent and unpredictable effects because of this.
  • Lusty img import : importing category attribute. Was being decoded poorly making website menu built from it a bit crap.  Now fixed ( lusty data uses '/' by convention for separating child menus, while c9 uses '|'.  Tweak code to make needed switcharoos).
  • A more complex change, difficult to describe but will instead describe its effect. On creating a structure now, with 'automatic' setting in play, it is now possible & easier to map parts in multiply ways.  For example with lusty you can map by brand and the category to create a shop by brand structure, but also simultaneously map by category only to flatten it out without regard for brand. (allow multi field partmapping to website. tweak matching against existing structure to be stricter and more correct, esp when partmapping is in play).

Other changes:

  • Stock take. On stocktake by partnumber provide option to key in part number ranges to stocktake. For dealers that substantially organise and stocktake by partnumber ranges (as opposed to bin locations).


Release 4.814 March 18, 2020 barney
  • Couple of tweaks
    • Sell Do not discount parts onto workshop : was not carrying do not discount setting across, resulting in parts picking up invoice wide discount on workshop jobs. Now fixed (fix is not retroactive, only parts added after change will apply. For existing parts you need to set discount to $0.01 manually)
    • Select customer. Show mobile phone number as well as main phone number on select screen.
    • Charts tweak : add a chart to show weekly sales volume


Release 4.813 March 11, 2020 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Tweaks and fixes

  • Shopify integration: update to API version 2020-01, as 2019-07 is being deprecated in a couple of weeks
  • Print contract particulars. Rename build year to model year.
  • Profit summary report run on a single user broken. Now fixed (Caused by unit cost profit summary changes in ver 4.810).
  • Add purchase unit to sale/tradein/deal.  :  will alert if the full VIN is already on the system : to encourage operators to use existing record (via cust transfer if needed) instead of cloning the record
Release 4.812 February 27, 2020 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Unit paperwork terms and conditions. Option to load in your own T&C in the preview paperwork stage. Will memorize T&C loaded and use that instead from now on. Must be a PDF file.
  • Web order processing with credit cards and PC-EFTPOS when PC-EFTPOS will allow Moto.  Under some exotic scenarios it is possible have c9 load incorrect card details into point of sale. Now fixed. (Specifically, if you f6 a part mid point of sale and from there go bounce onto a different web order it can cause c9 to load card details of the unrelated web order into PC EFTPOS)
  • Unit Profit report. Running report multiple times will incorrectly reprint the last subtotal computed from prior report run ontop of a newly generated report. Now fixed.
  • Added new GL sales code : grant income
  • Dealership details.  Make postcode entry a 4 character alpha, not a number. Numbers no good for NT as their postcodes start with 0. C9 will store it less the leading zero, which messes with single touch payroll
Release 4.811 February 17, 2020 barney

New version up that includes changes to Honda Magician check to work with SAP updates performed over the weekend.  Good luck.

Release 4.810 February 11, 2020 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

NT Paperwork: Added Unit Sale forms / Contracts and particulars for unit sales in Northern Territory

Orderbook performance: This version includes significant CPU performance optimizations for order book find functionality. For large order books,  more than couple of thousand rows searching can take a second or two to update between keystrokes, even on reasonably modern computers. Now should be significantly faster.

Other Tweaks and fixes

  • Profit summary : would only report unit costs on sale of unit. Now reports on day the unit cost is raised.
  • Default Variation generation : Make 'LG' in description match for a size variation
  • Email order notifications : include a shop name + details at bottom of automatically generated email
  • (Experimental) : added Suzuki EPC importer using data supplied by Suz Aus.  Lots of issues still to resolve with the data itself so a long way away before it is ready for serious use.


Release 4.809 January 29, 2020 barney
  • Tweaks and fixes
    • Margin clerk key test can misbehave and falsely report below margin issue when certain conditions are satisfied, now fixed (Conditions:  max effective % limit in place. Part in question's retail price is significantly bumped beyond normal retail, part is discounted).
    • Husky EPC import broken because of dealernet website changes (again), probably means KTM/WP is broken too.  Should be good to go
    • Paperwork: Added QLD TMR letter of authority forms (x2)
    • Added Magician availability check for HD
    • Allow access to modify unit for workshop only c9 installs
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