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Release 4.741 July 18, 2018 barney

Not yet released.  Next week

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Edit staff
    • Visual fix with layout of HECs settings overlaying availability button
    • Added field : notes. For generic notes, key in things like emergency contact info etc here
  • Messager, email + sms. dealing with some bugs where email doesn't send and records email not configured error under some rare circumstances
    • Various low level software issues. (thread racing accessing config on notify thread. Config cache age check broken. config init multiple calls not guarded)
    • Messenger not correctly detecting a DB upgrade and going to sleep.
    • Messenger DB link : recycles every 5 seconds. Keep the link open and only recycle it every 5 minutes.
Release 4.740 July 11, 2018 barney

Includes DB changes you need to log all terminals during upgrade

Book in jobs via a web based tablet.

  • Use a phone or a tablet to capture basic details on a job and merge in the results into c9 workshop.
    Capture+_2018-07-12-15-40-43 Capture+_2018-07-12-15-43-23
  • Captured details appear in create new job in c9 ready to merge into a job. Allows you to merge in details such as change of phone numbers etc after initial service reception. Maybe submit button should only appear in unit screen?


  • Transaction allocation / reconciliation. Normally when you add a payment c9 will automatically 'allocate' that payment against a currently unallocated invoice automatically. This version of c9 allows you to configure certain customers to not do this, so you have to explicitly select actual invoices to link in add transaction (txn list), or modify connected txns in view transactions. This function is potentially useful for manual management of difficult accounts.
  • Rollback unit.  UI tweaks to minimise risk of accidental rollback. Screen redesign. Make ok button non default. Pop a nag before doing the rollback.
  • Orderbook. Option to do a full magician query on selected order
  • Import invoices from PDF. Some tweaks to better detect / process spaces. Generates improved results for some suppliers, e.g. Sena and Honda SAP. (e.g. with Sena imported descriptions could be bunched up without spaces. With honda deals with issue of line # of part number blending together).
  • Low level database guards to protect against potential software defects in c9 writing bad values into the database. Needed to support eventual goal of switching c9 account balances and aging towards open invoice.
  • Xero Integration setup.  Xero site now requires certificate to be wrapped in a BEGIN/END envelope.  Tweaked certificate generator in c9 to include this.
  • New Reports
    • Contacts -> Reports -> Generic Expenses : print a list of generic expense bills
    • Units -> Reports -> Floorplan Txns : print a list of all floorplan curtailments/payments in date range
  • Disable accessing old school menus from left hand bar by picking non leaf (expandable) items in the menu bar. (Old school login still works fine)
  • Bulk magician check improvements. General improvements but motivated to help with Honda's new stock/daily backorder shipping policy
    • Option to toggle on/off supplier + c9 dealer check. Defaults supplier only for non backorder checks
    • Color code the original part based on supplier output whether it can be fully or partially supplied or cannot be supplied
    • Option to show only items that cannot be supplied
Release 4.739 July 9, 2018 barney

Honda SAP rollout fixes

  • Got magician working with new platform
  • Export Honda API. Increase dealer code field size from 5 to 10, incase it is relevant for new dealer codes
  • Export Honda API.  Log low level API comms in event of a failure. At the moment it fails but doesn't log comms so no idea what root cause of failure is


  • Beginnings of some changes to support doing workshop service reception via a web based tablet. This version of c9 acks the submitted tablet data entry but throws the data away doing nothing useful with it.
Release 4.738 July 4, 2018 barney
  • Bulk stock take
    • Rewrite of internal guts of bulk stock take
    • runs faster
    • handle supercession forms of a part better on import. e.g. if PartA supers to PartB and import says 2 of PartA, 3 of PartB then do a single stock take for 5 of PartB
  • Email orders to suppliers. Preferentially memorize/use the franchise email address, not email address of linked creditor supplier
  • Statements  : include new option to fine tune which invoices print with a statement for open style statements. Defaults to invoices in statement period + invoices still outstanding. (previously was also including invoices paid by payments made in the statement period)
Release 4.737 July 3, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tweaks
    • Edit franchise : add a couple of config slots for setting up supplier sync username+password. To be used for BMW service syncing eventually
    • Bulk stock take
      • Make qty field optional in terms of testing spreadsheet row size. Assuming missing qty means zero qty
      • Don't audit zero qty records on master file only (make stock take report unnecessarily massive)
    • Payroll
      • added a PSAR export option
      • Availability/leave screen. Organise based on date  and separate out 'active' records against 'applied' in different tabs. Applied being leave assigned to a locked payrun
    • View notifications: include basic filter option
    • Printing : added smarts to improve linking of reports to customers.
      • Only link invoices this way. Do not let other reports link this way
      • For statement printing, only default email addr if print single statement is selected
      • link daily order prints to relevant accessory suppliers
    • Select folder : added some smarts to better memorize folder selection/memorization
Release 4.736 June 27, 2018 barney
  • Payroll tax tables 2018-2019
    • resident / non resident tax tables. (increase of 37% bracket)
    • HELP/HECS tables
    • Medicare levy low income threshold adjustment
  • Misc Tweaks
    • Unit sale invoice. Print Reg expiry if set and occurs after sale date
    • QLD TMR Registration form changes
      • Updated version.
      • Added a couple of additional fields. Including Dealership CRN (configured in setup -> other settings -> dealership details)
  • Bug fixes
    • Recent changes to order sending could cause order functions to lockup under some rare circumstances (generally while manipulating orders manually in orderbook. Would lockup other terminals). Fixed in this version of c9
    • Modify unit: modify buy price. Modifying +GST component would sometimes rewrite it as a different value due to rounding issues. You could workaround by manually manipulating GST component after. This version adds smarts to better deal with this and retain the actual value keyed in.
    • WA Contract of sale paperwork. Was printing wrong pages. Now fixed
  • Parts magician changes
    • Removed all old code used to configure parts magician.  PM configuration is now solely through add/edit franchise. PM itself updated to only use franchise configuration
    • Added new field that allows you to set a custom description on a per franchise basis for PM replies. e.g.:
Release 4.735 June 25, 2018 barney
  • Tweaks
    • Message alerts. Colour code notification alerts as yellow.  Blue seems to blend into nimbus colour hue and background colour of bulk of c9 so are easily missed.
    • Payroll 2018-19 tax rates added [DEFERRED to next version of c9]
      • Residental Tax rates. (Unconfirmed. expected source:
      • Non resident tax rates (unconfirmed)
      • (TODO) HECS/HELP rates
      • (TODO) MLS rates
  • Bugfixes
    • Unit stock take report. Was incorrectly showing consignment units sold but only for consignments which have a consignment reference. Now fixed.
    • Unit Print invoice.  Would crash with memory error under certain circumstances. Exact conditions : include invoice detail. Invoice contains part numbers which are strictly numbers only, no spaces/dashes or letters in the part and the part number is big/long.
    • Receive spares. Under some conditions not all barcodes will print on receive. e.g. receive more than what was on original order. Only original qty ordered would print. But if you goto print barcodes reprint it works fine. Now fixed.

Updated 25-June-2018.

Red : New(ish) invoices added since last update

C9 includes the ability to import contents of PDF files from suppliers. No need to key in qtys and wrangle buy prices. Automatically get parts not on price file.

Details here on this feature from original c9 update that provided it.

List of suppliers supported. Below. Email invoices to barney if you want c9 to be able to import them and they currently don't work.  All going well, adding a new invoice will only take an hour or so and does not require an update to c9.

  • A1 Accessories
  • Action Wholesale
  • Applied Industrial Technologies
  • Aussie Power
  • Australian Jetski Parts
  • Bikes and Bits
  • Briggs and Stratton
  • KTM / Husqvarana
  • Carlisle WA
  • Cassons
  • Cykel
  • Derwent
  • Draggin
  • Dunbier
  • EJ Milde
  • Ficeda
  • Frontier
  • Fulton
  • GA Power Equipment
  • GAS Imports
  • GP Wholesale
  • Gripski
  • Harley Davidson
  • Honda
  • Husqvarana (Power equipment)
  • JakMax
  • John Deere
  • John Titman Racing
  • Kawasaki
  • Link International
  • Lusty
  • Mcleods
  • MCS
  • Mercury
  • Mitas
  • Mojo Motorcycles
  • Monza (Invoices + Orders)
  • MTD
  • Ocean South
  • Peter Stevens
  • Powerup Lawn Products
  • Pro Accessories
  • Ron Angel
  • Steve Cramer Products
  • Sena Bluetooth
  • Serco
  • Stihl
  • Suzuki
  • Sym
  • Telwater
  • TKD
  • Toro
  • Tyre Max
  • Vee Too
  • Whites Powersports
  • Yamaha



Release 4.734 June 20, 2018 barney
  • Sales leads.
    • Tweak description of first tab to clarify actual sort order (alert then create)
  • Unit sales : modifying selll/purchase units or floor units
    • Optional redesign of the unit tax invoice. Instead of printing multiple units on a sale in a way that it looks like they are separate invoices, display them as merged onto a single invoice.  Also includes option to suppress component price (intended to be used for Marine). Config option for this is in setup.
    • Make reporting of GST status on lines consistent across all 3 screens
    • Option to toggle GST component on itemised list. e.g.:
  • Other
    • Removed recently added config option to filter paperwork type based on patterns.  Preferred Unit Type based config is more robust and intuitive making this mechanism unnecessary
    • Print booking / receive date + time on job card
    • Pop customer notes at other key sections of c9.
      • On F12 spares Customer pickup
      • On Workshop job pickup
  • Bug fix
    • Following combo for price file import broken:   Generic, no list price and daily buy price is expressed as inc GST.  (Works fine if you import as stock buy inc). Now working for both
    • Payroll bugs
      • Partial leave/sick days miscalculating. Instead of computing say 3 hours based on fed in leave, it was *100 this. e.g. 300 hours. Now fixed.
      • Leave miscalculations for wages+leave in same period.  Was not subtracting leave hours from wages. Now fixed.
      • Both above bugs could be worked around with manual manipulation of pay slip. But the automatic computation is now fixed in c9 for above scenarios
Release 4.733 June 12, 2018 barney

Includes Database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Changes to how spares receive + creditors work in c9.

This version undoes an impactful change made 2+ years ago. When c9 originally introduced creditors c9 by default was setup so that it would create bills for accessory suppliers but not by default for franchised suppliers. The design intent at the time was to encourage people to move to using creditors in c9. The design intent was faulty and there are no obvious other legitimate reasons for such behaviour in the software. So this version disables the functionality of this option making it equivalent to being disabled and disables the ability to access the option in setup. To enable tracking of creditor bills on all spares receivables check the following option in setup:


Changes to order printing and exporting

This version includes internal changes to provide very fine detail on every order print or export event.  Orders on screen will show exactly whether an order was printed, or exported or both. The tracking is based on individual items so rare events where only some items of an order is sent, such as when parts are moved around between orders, will be reflected.  Orders and items are fully auditable in terms of when and who exported/printed the order/item and there are new order screens where you can inspect exactly what was sent when and by who (if you have clerk keys enabled for orders).   Design intent of these changes is to minimize human error in terms of alerting suppliers of orders and in event of a human error, easily try and figure out what happened. Changes only apply to orders sent/exported after update. Existing orders in system will show their status as 'Sent?' as they do not know exactly who/how or when they entered the sent status

Most file export order systems now contain the ability to include the order number in the resulting export file.


In resulting audit:


Workshop receive Date + time

C9 now allows you to setup an optional receive time for bookings.  The receive time if set appears in SMS notifications. e.g.:


Receive time is settable/manipulated via new job/modify job and view the weekly planner screen.  weekly planner can now plan based on receive/booking date.

Workshop followup

C9 can now be configured to automatically send a followup SMS message a few days after a workshop job is invoiced. Users can send an SMS reply and it will appear in c9. e.g.:



Other stuff

  • UI tweaks
    • Cash Rec / Bank Rec. Include a toggle all button that toggles +/- on records in reconciliation period
    • View / Modify unit.  Make notes tab stand out if unit has notes
    • View / Modify customer.  Make notes tab stand out if contact has notes
  • Payroll tweaks
    • Fixed issue with tallying of voluntary super contributions on payslips
    • Added employee payroll summary report (i.e. group certs)
  • Other Tweaks
    • Receive spares. C9 would rewrite lastincost for items not actually received. I.e. stuff on backorder/cancelled or still on order. Could cause issues writing in default price based on pricefile instead of a verified supplied price for suppliers where there are significant departures from published price vs actual price. Now fixed to update lastincost only when there is actual receival.
    • Killed partmart screen scraper integration in magician lookup. Been broken for ages. since noones complained I guess noone is actually using it, so removing it.
    • Added a guard to daily workshop SMS to prevent too many SMS being sent in a single day. Defaults to 50 a day ( for each of 3 different notify types. So effective limit is 150.) Can be disabled by clearing limit field in setup
  • Bug fixes
    • Print + EMail invoice option not working for pickup all in workshop.  (Works fine for picking up individual jobs). Now fixed
    • Sales leads : under some carefully constructed circumstances scrolling up the list would make the list repeat indefinitely. Low level issue with construction of database queries.
    • Workshop Daily SMS.  Monday->Sat filter broken.  Was filtering out Saturday, not Sunday. Now fixed.
    • Got Partmart Dead stock export working again. (Previously relied on scraping website to get supplier names which no longer works. Now just throw in supplier name as is. Let Partsmart figure it out).
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