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Release 4.750 October 8, 2018 barney
  • Bug fixes + tweaks
    • Ordering
      • Recent changes to export order to show a confirmation screen could cause problems with file based export if export is cancelled.  C9 may report that the file cannot be reopened. Requires exit/restart java to fix. Should now be fixed.
      • Parts on order report : was showing unexpected results with 'accessory supplier' filter.  If you order genuine parts from another supplier, such as a dealer, previously this report would not show those parts on order. Now tweaked to show intuitively expected result.
    • Units
      • Rebate pickup to supplier broken. Now fixed
      • Modify unit. Disallow flipping floor unit from consignment to some other origin. consigned units work very differently under the hood of c9 so this simple 'flip' switch doesn't actually work as intended.  Too hard to make work so instead simply disabling the facility. To add units under consignment, they need to be 'received' as consigned.
      • Purchase unit.  odo/hours changes written to the unit now on the floor : also write them onto the unit record representing when the prior owner originally owned it. Assume odo/hours figures are current at point of purchase so apply to both.
      • Financed sale using deposit on customer account  : would result in journal error. Now fixed
    • Other
      • Under some circumstances some GL related errors would be silently eaten. e.g. update rebate to record credit note against supplier also fixed here would silently fail. Now fixed
Release 4.749 September 25, 2018 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

This version includes significant changes to make GST cash basis reporting more robust. Cash reporting is something we rarely encounter in bike industry because accruals is simpler and actually better in terms of cash flow, since with accruals you can book GST input credits on unpaid suppliers immediately and generally accounts payable for bike shops is alot higher than accounts receivable usually by an order of magnitude. These changes are primarily added to facilitate completeness. Changes are fairly technical but all serve the goal of making robust cash reporting possible under more exotic scenarios in a bike shop, especially around tradein sales and all the complications associated with unit sales, such as handling on road costs, inheriting encumbered finance etc. Specifics:

  • Distinguish between ABN taxable supplies which are paid for immediately vs those that go onto a accounts payable balance
  • When computing GST component on payments based on invoices they pay off, also update underlying activity records so that these accurately reflect amortized GST component being paid off
  • Rewrite key complex transaction types in c9 that blend inputs and sales. Instead of writing the changover, write full breakdown of invoiced charges and  in-kind offsets. Specifically on:
    • unit sales/purchases + tradeins to a debtor account
    • Unit sales + tradeins under finance
  • None of these changes functionally impact accruals based reporting, which is already functionally complete
  • Tweaks and restrictions to unit selling. e.g. C9 will no longer allow you to tradein on finance or account if tradein is underwater. Instead need to do it as a cash tradein and either payout the difference or track difference as a cash deposit against the customer.

Other changes / bug fixes

  • update unit costs where unit purchase date < activity lock.  Would silently fail. Now warn user what is going on
  • Manually add parts to order. Recent changes to show qty already on order broke this function. Now working again. (Was working in orderbook, just old school view/edit order was broken)
  • Customers added via sales leads, can not later modify them in contacts screen without fiddling notifications settings. Now fixed.
  • Get/memorize email address when printing job estimates.
  • Export order. Provide a confirmation screen that summarises what is being exported. To provide a last minute check for pure electronic exports, e.g. WPS and Honda.



Release 4.748 September 20, 2018 barney
  • Vicroads Form changes
    • New Online Auth to Register form/layout
    • Renamed form 5 to form 4 as per
  • WPS integration working again : price files, magician check + order upload.  WPS made some changes on their end that broke c9 integration.  Switched guts of c9 to use an integration framework that should be more resilient to any further future changes that WPS might make down the track.
  • Workshop bugfixes
    • Job labels. Would sometimes print extraneous unit info for jobs which don't have a unit on it. Now fixed
    • Open P/O. Would show P/O's on estimates. Now fixed to show only actual P/Os, not estimated P/Os
Release 4.747 August 13, 2018 barney
  • Bug fixes
    • Spare point of sale invoices. Would print confusing wording about account outstanding on bottom on order pickup with a partial deposit used to cover supplied parts with difference made up with cash, when all it should print is change on tendered amount. Now fixed
  • Tweaks
    • Stihl Warranty Export file format changes. As requested by Stihl
    • Unit sales for power equipment : new system level config that reverts older behaviour of loose management of floor stock. Only appropriate for P/E only shops and for shops that do not use c9 in a full integrated way. Enabled on request.
    • Improvements to KTM/Husky image importer
      • Would timeout after 60 minutes. Think this this is linked to login changes to their system. Should now work okay. (c9 forces a periodic relogin to avoid timeout).
      • Skip/resume is dramatically faster and is able to restart from almost exactly where it left off.
Release 4.746 August 13, 2018 barney

Bugfix : payrun termination pay would not compute termination pay if final day landed during the prior payrun. Now fixed

Release 4.745 August 8, 2018 barney
  • Bug fixes
    • Recent changes to c9 inject serious performance penalty with DB performance as c9 is left open for long periods of time. Now fixed (cause backup status in top right of c9 normally refreshes every few seconds but a bug in it can cause it is slowly grow number of times it does this to point where it is doing checks 1000s of times a second. Connected to changes in v 4.742 "Low level bugfix: some timed events would not fire such as alert nags.", the implementation was faulty in terms of how backup status does its thing)
    • Point of sale based stock order. Under some very specific and tricky to replicate circumstances c9 would ask ask twice if your POS order is for stocking and would in effect apply the stock order twice if user selected yes both times. Now fixed.
    • Point of sale. Bug fixes relating to UOM parts which allow selling out of base component and barcode scanning/ importing when UOM part is already on invoice screen. Consolidated behaviour to default to UOM qty on import/scan.
    • Staff report. Could be wonky sometimes on reruns.  Obvious when there is only one staff record on the run : one second run would show no results at all.  Now fixed
    • Honda API invoice import. Was not coping with freight on invoices correctly. Now fixed
    • Complex low level bug that has been in c9 since the very beginning. First time some file based updates are done in c9 it might fail.  Only specific and rare things can do this and I don't have a concrete example of it happening and no documented instance of it over last 6+ years but noticed it while building new functions in this release and new function was misbehaving. It is entirely possible it might happen elsewhere in c9. ( FileRestore() function broken on first call due to incorrect assumptions about GETSTATE return results on corresponding FileSave() function)
  • Tweaks
    • Bill+Pay. Would not let you select an expense code. Now fixed
    • Orderbook add/modify part. Show current qtys on order in add/modify screen
    • Extended Drop shipping functionality in c9
      • on a per supplier basis can configure if drop ship is for select customers only or all customers
      • On a per supplier basis can configure to default to drop ship or not
      • In point of sale is a checkbox option that allows toggling of drop shipping on/off at point of sale (previously as locked to on)
      • Some more changes are needed to round out drop shipping 100% to make it more accessible/usable. Main missing ability is ability to modify existing parts or order in order book to fine tune where it will be drop shipped to.  To come at a later version of c9
Release 4.744 August 6, 2018 barney
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed labour costs. Setting fixed item to $5 on save would round up to $5.05 / $5.10 depending on rounding setting in c9. Now fixed. (thought this was fixed in previous version, but didn't make the cut)
    • Browse dealer units, by open floorplan. Keyin of reference to jump to correct unit not working. Now fixed
    • Memorized list column widths (e.g. browse dealer units). When a new column is added, 'forget' length of last column to accommodate new column.
    • Finished jobs report ( old workshop job).  Some totals not clearing/resetting. Now fixed.
  • Tweaks
    • Profit summary report. One aspect of the report can run very slowly when querying a big dataset (e.g. a years worth of data). Database query planner misstep. Tweaked it dodge the planner issue
Release 4.743 August 1, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tweaks
    • Sell units. Removed ability to let users to add a unit onto the floor to sell then and there: use case is too easily misused/abused. C9 now requires floor stock to be received in formally via purchase.
    • Warranty registration. Extended ability to manage electronic rego (Honda  + Stihl) to provide a manual rego workflow. In sold tab of all dealer units, unregistered units show up as red Sold. modift unit is a check box to toggle manual registration. For Honda + Stihl there is an option to record as manual pending on sale.
  • Bug fixes
    • Subtle general ledger bugs would result in DB errors and broken functionality such as unable to save cash till results. Any GL balance query where there are no GL entries before the start of the month of that query would cause a DB error. No data corruption or such things, just that database operations would fail.
    • Fixed labour costs. Setting fixed item to $5 on save would round up to $5.05 / $5.10 depending on rounding setting in c9. Now fixed.
    • Kawasaki Fiche import, tweaked to get working again with recent site changes
    • Bulk magician availability tweaks/fixes
      • Would stop as soon as it encountered a part belonging to a misconfigured/unconfigured supplier. Tweaked to deal with this
    • Honda Magician
      • Would not recover from a failure mode making magician query broken until open a new c9. Now fixed. (Important for dealer website querying).
      • Was sometimes misreporting wrong qty. i.e. sometimes reporting 'Dealer Stock Parts' qty, not Honda Australia qty. Now fixed


Release 4.742 July 23, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Further improvements to c9 permanently storing the results of export efforts.

  • Will store export failure results and result for failure.
  • Will store receipts of failure and success for electronic orders. (Honda API, Whites Power Sports and orders to other dealers)
  • For Whites orders, system will flag parts that succeeded or failed. In orderbook parts that failed will show as 'Sent(?)' if not yet sent by some other means.

Export Order screen:


Order book (second item failed to send to WPS)


Other changes

  • Tweak paypal capture screen layout so to not clip descriptions of total lines at bottom of the screen
  • Export to other c9 dealer regression bugfix. Was not memorizing selected dealer/franchise on subsequent exports. Now fixed.
  • Bugfix : banks were incorrectly appearing in list of suppliers.  Now fixed.
  • Tweaking filtering in business activity for creditor txns under cash basis
  • Low level bugfix: some timed events would not fire such as alert nags. Now fixed. Some alerts could permanently 'mask' others based on timing. Tweaked timing logic so that every event gets a go.
  • Lead tweaks
    • Redefine deleted lead to be a 'parked/deleted lead'
    • Sort parked/deleted leads based on next alert first just like active leads
    • Lead alert nags : nag on either active or parked leads. Any active leads will 'shadow' over parked leads.
    • Browse leads. Any parked leads whose alert date is now, deleted/parked tab will highlight green
  • View/modify job. color code private notes tab if there are any private notes.
  • Min Qty ordering onto stock order : was incorrectly checking daily order qty on order for factoring in existing orders. Now fixed
  • Added a couple of generic GL Codes.
    • Waste /Environmental
    • Travel / Meals
    • Filing Fees
    • Merchant Fees
    • Subscriptions
    • Staff Amenities
  • Other GL changes
    • So Change in GL on screen and printout. (DR less CR)
    • In view journal entries : show customer/supplier code + staff code
  • BAS report/submit. Support Cash Basis reporting
  • New post login nags : if you java is pre java8 or if postgres DB is version 8.4
  • Workshop Job notes. Increased max note size x8.  Or about 9 printed pages of text.
  • Browse Dealer units tweaks
    • Highlight units where end of interest or payout due is in the past or within the next 7 days or if unit is sold
    • Show unit sale status.
    • Open floorplan tab might incorrectly show units flagged as goods only. Now fixed
  • Select unit. If a unit has notes against it display a notes icon against the unit.
  • Print workshop invoice. If supplier warranty provide option to suppress pricing info. To print out something to give to customer
  • Payroll : include an option under work types to round computed withholding to nearest dollar
  • Get Diagrams from another dealer.  Show on window where the EPC data came from. e.g. :


Release 4.741 July 18, 2018 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Edit staff
    • Visual fix with layout of HECs settings overlaying availability button
    • Added field : notes. For generic notes, key in things like emergency contact info etc here
  • Messenger, email + sms. dealing with some bugs where email doesn't send and records email not configured error under some rare circumstances
    • Various low level software issues. (thread racing accessing config on notify thread. Config cache age check broken. config init multiple calls not guarded)
    • Messenger not correctly detecting a DB upgrade and going to sleep. Now fixed
  • Misc tweaks
    • WPS order export. Log export result for later diagnostics
    • Add new GL code for Bank fees. Modify existing generic txn to use this instead of generic cost GL on posting
    • Workshop Report. Redesigned layout to include more info. Include filter option to optionally report based on invoice date instead of finish date
    • Select Estimate. Show estimate reference on all tabs, not just the select by reference tab.
    • Generic Price file import. Support tab delimited files. (e.g. Mcleods .TTX).  Tweak decoder to cope with loose quotes but only for tab delimited. (comma,semicolon still strict).
    • Added toggle switch to EPC units to toggle whether or not a unit is to display on the dealers website.
  • Bug fixes
    • Serious bug that has been in c9 since Jan 2018. If price file supercedes part A to B c9 is supposed to delete part A and move qty from A to B. Bug is it doesn't delete and instead moves part qtys from B to A keeping both parts. Now fixed.
    • Backdated unit sale with spare parts. GL posting is dating to today, not the backdate. Now fixed.
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