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Release 4.756 November 20, 2018 barney

Added ability to export orders in XLSX format (via generic export option). Hopefully this will get Mojo over the line for electronic exporting without having to wrangle into XLSX in excel or similar.

Release 4.755 November 17, 2018 barney

Bugfix to deal with a complex subtle interaction on unit floorplan.  IF following is done (generally there is no logical business reason for doing this because it doesn't model any meaningful business workflow that actually occurs, but c9 doesn't prevent it).

  1. unit on system under floorplan with a TR but no upfront invoice
  2. Curtailment is added to pay out floorplan with a supplier selected
  3. Unit is then modified to record an upfront invoice, flipping floorplan from tax invoice at payout to tax invoice at initial floorplan entry
  4. Curtailment on step 2 is then modified (e.g. to change the reference #)
  5. Curtailment is modified yet again

Step 4 above would damage the unit record in c9 such that subsequent modifications to the curtailment would result in duplicate bills being added to the creditor. Core problem was steps 1 to 3 would result in all sorts of complex adjustments made to the general ledger to account for the variations in floorplan structure being made. Step 4 itself would effectively rollback step 2 which impacts the journal posted on step 3 which needs to be adjusted for. So journal posted in step 4 would effectively merge postings of step 2 and 3 into a new journal posting. The result is a single journal that merges curtailments + unit purchase tweaks. Subsequent modifies (step 5) would not allow the curtailment effect to be deleted since it involves a posting that touches the original purchase of the unit as well as a result of the merged journal posted in step 4, resulting in duplicated bill records on the creditor.  Solution is to make sure step 4 does two postings, one for the curtailment and another to redo floorplan purchase posting of step 2+3 to keep operations separated and allow the curtailment to be subsequently deleted.

Release 4.754 November 9, 2018 barney

Bug fixes

  • Some screens and reports that show historical debtor/creditor balances would show wrong total results when dealing with accounts that include newly added '3rd party' txn types. e.g. on statements. Now fixed


  • Select invoice to pay. Can now select both invoices and 3rd party collections
  • Workshop booking notify SMS. Can now supports upto 240 chars in the template. (Actual SMS may be longer when template expands)
  • Spares invoice miner query : allow query on freight tracking field
  • Stock take sheets. Make location case insensitive
Release 4.753 October 23, 2018 barney
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
    • Finance payout : broken with recent changes to c9 that break down finance costs. Amount under finance would no longer factor in tradein offset, or encumbrances (for underwater tradeins) or on road costs. Now working again.
    • KTM parts image import. Would invisibly fail on re-login error. Now will fail with an error and should allow you to rerun skipping already imported results.
Release 4.752 October 19, 2018 barney

Bug fixes and tweaks

  • Finance tradein invoice a tradein unit that is under water with encumbered finance, would trigger a Journal Does not Balance Error.  Now fixed.
  • Profit summary report : was misreporting deleted unit sales. Potentially affecting following line items:
    • All Unit Spares Sold (except predelivery spares)
    • Cogs on Spares sold on a unit at point of sale
    • Cogs on Spares sold via a deal
  • Exotic unit sale scenario can cause full charge of unit sale and destroy left deposit for the sale. Specifics:
    • Unit ordered with a referencing spare part via point of sale and a deposit is left. (i.e. power equipment sales)
    • F12 pickup jumps to unit sale screen.
    • In next screen, operator reselects the customer (or selects a different customer). Causes deposit to reset to $0 but deposit on original spares invoice is still recorded as eaten if sale is taken to completion.
    • A few other similar scenarios can trigger it too. e.g. selecting a finance provider.
  • Add surcharge. Screen limits you to a max surcharge value of $99.99.  Increased to allow upto 999.99
  • Magician Fixes
    • Polaris
      • try and heal from broken/failed connections
      • Was returning discount, not buy price.
    • SCP working again
Release 4.751 October 11, 2018 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Some cash based ABN purchases were posting to an 'AP' GL code. Not appropriate, switched to post to a bank instead, on assumption payment is immediate. Specifically:
    • Unit factory purchases
    • Received Spares (where no supplier is indicated)
  • VicRoads online authority to register.  Plate number is misaligned on the form. Now fixed
  • Spares tender bug fixes
    • Under some keyboard/mouse combos on tender screen involving multiple payments, figures could get screwy and invoice incorrectly prints suggesting money is still owing
    • only print tendered lines on spares invoice if tendered exceeds invoice total and there is a some change to be given
  • Workshop job pickup all. A pickup all may fail with a journal error under some exotic circumstances. (pickup involving mix of cash/EFT payment & deposit on customer, and neither cash or deposit is sufficient to cover the first job). Now fixed
  • Receive parts on order for workshop. Do not reprice items if job is already completed/invoiced
  • Pickup overpaid Workshop job.  Added option to refund as deposit against the customer.
Release 4.750 October 8, 2018 barney
  • Bug fixes + tweaks
    • Ordering
      • Recent changes to export order to show a confirmation screen could cause problems with file based export if export is cancelled.  C9 may report that the file cannot be reopened. Requires exit/restart java to fix. Should now be fixed.
      • Parts on order report : was showing unexpected results with 'accessory supplier' filter.  If you order genuine parts from another supplier, such as a dealer, previously this report would not show those parts on order. Now tweaked to show intuitively expected result.
    • Units
      • Rebate pickup to supplier broken. Now fixed
      • Modify unit. Disallow flipping floor unit from consignment to some other origin. consigned units work very differently under the hood of c9 so this simple 'flip' switch doesn't actually work as intended.  Too hard to make work so instead simply disabling the facility. To add units under consignment, they need to be 'received' as consigned.
      • Purchase unit.  odo/hours changes written to the unit now on the floor : also write them onto the unit record representing when the prior owner originally owned it. Assume odo/hours figures are current at point of purchase so apply to both.
      • Financed sale using deposit on customer account  : would result in journal error. Now fixed
    • Other
      • Under some circumstances some GL related errors would be silently eaten. e.g. update rebate to record credit note against supplier also fixed here would silently fail. Now fixed
Release 4.749 September 25, 2018 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

This version includes significant changes to make GST cash basis reporting more robust. Cash reporting is something we rarely encounter in bike industry because accruals is simpler and actually better in terms of cash flow, since with accruals you can book GST input credits on unpaid suppliers immediately and generally accounts payable for bike shops is alot higher than accounts receivable usually by an order of magnitude. These changes are primarily added to facilitate completeness. Changes are fairly technical but all serve the goal of making robust cash reporting possible under more exotic scenarios in a bike shop, especially around tradein sales and all the complications associated with unit sales, such as handling on road costs, inheriting encumbered finance etc. Specifics:

  • Distinguish between ABN taxable supplies which are paid for immediately vs those that go onto a accounts payable balance
  • When computing GST component on payments based on invoices they pay off, also update underlying activity records so that these accurately reflect amortized GST component being paid off
  • Rewrite key complex transaction types in c9 that blend inputs and sales. Instead of writing the changover, write full breakdown of invoiced charges and  in-kind offsets. Specifically on:
    • unit sales/purchases + tradeins to a debtor account
    • Unit sales + tradeins under finance
  • None of these changes functionally impact accruals based reporting, which is already functionally complete
  • Tweaks and restrictions to unit selling. e.g. C9 will no longer allow you to tradein on finance or account if tradein is underwater. Instead need to do it as a cash tradein and either payout the difference or track difference as a cash deposit against the customer.

Other changes / bug fixes

  • update unit costs where unit purchase date < activity lock.  Would silently fail. Now warn user what is going on
  • Manually add parts to order. Recent changes to show qty already on order broke this function. Now working again. (Was working in orderbook, just old school view/edit order was broken)
  • Customers added via sales leads, can not later modify them in contacts screen without fiddling notifications settings. Now fixed.
  • Get/memorize email address when printing job estimates.
  • Export order. Provide a confirmation screen that summarises what is being exported. To provide a last minute check for pure electronic exports, e.g. WPS and Honda.



Release 4.748 September 20, 2018 barney
  • Vicroads Form changes
    • New Online Auth to Register form/layout
    • Renamed form 5 to form 4 as per
  • WPS integration working again : price files, magician check + order upload.  WPS made some changes on their end that broke c9 integration.  Switched guts of c9 to use an integration framework that should be more resilient to any further future changes that WPS might make down the track.
  • Workshop bugfixes
    • Job labels. Would sometimes print extraneous unit info for jobs which don't have a unit on it. Now fixed
    • Open P/O. Would show P/O's on estimates. Now fixed to show only actual P/Os, not estimated P/Os
Release 4.747 August 13, 2018 barney
  • Bug fixes
    • Spare point of sale invoices. Would print confusing wording about account outstanding on bottom on order pickup with a partial deposit used to cover supplied parts with difference made up with cash, when all it should print is change on tendered amount. Now fixed
  • Tweaks
    • Stihl Warranty Export file format changes. As requested by Stihl
    • Unit sales for power equipment : new system level config that reverts older behaviour of loose management of floor stock. Only appropriate for P/E only shops and for shops that do not use c9 in a full integrated way. Enabled on request.
    • Improvements to KTM/Husky image importer
      • Would timeout after 60 minutes. Think this this is linked to login changes to their system. Should now work okay. (c9 forces a periodic relogin to avoid timeout).
      • Skip/resume is dramatically faster and is able to restart from almost exactly where it left off.
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