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Release 4.766 March 14, 2019 barney
  • Magician changes
    • Tweak honda magician so it is lightening fast for doing a backorder/order check.  Compromise here is it will not show you honda buy price, only availability.  For individual part checks it will remain slow version which also grabs price info
    • Suzuki magician tweaks to deal with some oddness/complexity with how data is displayed on their dealer portal
    • Fix cykel magician, recent changes were damaged and couldn't work.
    • Mojo : map landboss & SWM for magician querying
    • Point of sale magician check: put the response from distributor at the top of the list.  For c9 dealers, organise dealers which are mapped into local c9 towards top of list
  • Tweaks and bug fixes
    • This version fixes a potential bug when upgrading before version 4.764.  The upgrade may permanently fail requiring c9 support to repair. Issue itself is rare and anyone running a version greater than 4.764 is not going to be affected anyway. This change is for slackers who don't update c9 often, their systems will still be at risk without this fix
    • Recent changes to email report where you can select dropdown of sender didn't actually work.  Changing sender had no effect. Should now be working
    • Delete txns via the unpaid bills screen. Protections recently added to key screens to disallow deletion on irreversable deletes (such as deleting a txn linked to a unit sale) do not apply here. Tweaked this screen to enforce the same rule about disallowing such deletes.
    • Print barcodes screen: delete all button floating in middle of list of parts. Rejigged things.
    • Stock ordering for franchises configured to order direct to supplier a bit broken. Fixes:
      • Would order under franchise, not preferred accessory supplier. Now fixed
      • Would not factor in parts on order from other suppliers or franchise. e.g. if parts are on order from another dealer (unusual use-case but still a bug)
      • Will now generate all franchise parts for a specific supplier when you select option to generate order for that supplier
Release 4.765 February 14, 2019 barney

Small bugfix.  Bulk move parts from acc supplier to franchise may fail under some specific technical situations. e.g. if there are more than 20k contacts and supplier you are moving data from was a recently added contact. (more likely to be a problem for new c9 customers with converted data where data conversion was run several times).

Release 4.764 February 8, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log terminals out during upgrade

  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Processing a customer web order that contains supplier ordered parts that either need to go onto backorder or are cancelled. C9 will send multiple duplicate emails, one for every part that is on backorder or cancelled. Now fixed to just send one email per invoice affected by  backorder / cancelled receive status change.
    • Bank setup. Allow user to define bank type, either loan or deposit. Loans will track under a loans liability GL code instead of an asset code. Otherwise everything else works the same.
    • Fixed day of month suffix in top right. i.e. show 11th, not 11st.
    • Import Honda Invoice via API. Looks like Honda  tweaked their api and broke importing of inv date. Now fixed to cope with change of date format in their API.
    • Floorplan report : added a make filter.
  • Email/SMS notifications
    • Allow email sent on job completion notification to be customizable via an email template. Default email is now more nicely formatted
    • Low level tweaks to email templating to introduce more flexibility in template setup.
    • Doubled size of SMS notification templates configured in setup screen from 160 to 320.  Note that actual SMS messages are usually longer depending on how placeholders are filled out.
  • Workshop default labour rates
    • Configure a default rate on a per job and/or per job type basis.  Rate is inherited on creating new job and selecting initial job types.
    • New labour added via job or via clocking will default to the jobs default labour rate if set.
    • All this again for estimates too. Estimates can have a default rate which is picked up on conversion of an estimate into a job.
  • Order bulk magician query tweaks
    • Hopefully following will further ease the pain with Honda's new ordering biz rules and be generally useful for other brands too.
    • From magician check you can individually relocate parts from say Stock order to Daily order.
    • Move parts on order: allow partial move. i.e. if 3 on order option to move 1 of 3.
    • Move parts from magician check : relax prior strict bizrules about moving parts already in sent status.
Release 4.763 February 4, 2019 barney

Includes DB changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Fixes and Tweaks
    • Clock on a job.  When showing next scheduled job, c9 would display the last unit you were eyeballing, not the actual unit associated with that scheduled job. Now fixed
    • Got Cykel Magician working again. Bigger and better : returns actual QoH instead of low/med/high.  Link now returns QoH too
    • Spares Refund. Print -ve freight on invoice. (i.e. freight charge on a refund as opposed to refunded freight)
  • Spare Parts Labels
    • Rejigged config to make it more intuitive and more accessible from label config screen especially when fiddling with layouts etc in edit label type.
    • Allow user to key in a shop name specific for spares labels.
  • Warranty export
    • More work on getting Husky Warranty Export production ready. This ver of c9 should be first production ready pilot ver for Husky Warranty export
    • Warranty Export : include a preview and validation stage to review and tweak warranty info before syncing/exporting. Picks up and forces repair on obvious errors, e.g. missing email address for Husky export
Release 4.762 January 29, 2019 barney

Bug fix : spares point of sale complete. Tweaking a field like freight did not display recomputed total on screen. Now fixed. (Total was correct on next screen just didn't display correctly on complete screen).  Bug caused by recent changes to this screen to better handle deposit and deposit on account utilisation while tweaking things like freight. Also make sure works with AusPOST integrated freight check.

Profit summary report. Was not showing general OP-EX expenses like rent etc. Issue caused by changes made months ago to better accommodate cash basis GST reporting. Now fixed.

Release 4.761 January 22, 2019 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Bugs and tweaks
    • E-Reference importing issue. Slow response sometimes. Sometimes upto 20 seconds.
      • Repair #1 (already implemented) : optimized server database to make queries alot faster: generally 0.05 to 0.1 seconds now. (or   x 400 times faster )
      • Repair #2: logic bug in c9 where if you keep clicking OK button it will just queue up multiple E-Ref queries causing c9 to essentially lockup.
    • Order Export : Tweak OPEA non-standard format to further accommodate a couple of P/E suppliers who have incorrectly implemented the OPEA spec.
    • Beta EPC crawler used by Lowry : tweaked to cope with units that do not have an image.
    • Honda Magician Check : show if part is discontinued. e.g.:
    • Return parts to stock from workshop deal would not restock items for items that were especially ordered and received onto deal. Now fixed
    • Workshop pickup : if customer has deposit, prompt operator to use this deposit instead of automatically assuming it is good to be used. (Make workshop pickup consistent with spares)
    • Add partial (non payout) Unit floorplan cost via 'add floorplan cost screen' with backdated entry. Would add curtailment correctly but corresponding GL posting was incorrectly dated to today which could mess up bank rec efforts.  Only happens on this workflow.  Payout option, or add floorplan via view floorplan screen worked fine.
    • Workshop completed + pickup. Pop alert notes for both job customer and insurer (if insurer is set)
    • Point of sale use account deposit : add some smarts to track whether or not operator intends to use all available deposit. On tweakage of anythings that manipulates the final price, e.g. tweaking lines, adding freight or adding discount, recompute deposit
    • Email templates in setup : increase amount of text that can be in a template
    • Tweaks to duplicate unit detection yo try and help minimize duplicate units being added into c9.  Do more exhaustive checks based on full vin/framenumber. Cope with dealers that prefer to key full vin into reference number field.
    • Unit notes: includes an option to flag unit notes as being important for service. e.g. if the ECU contains a custom mapping.
    • Customer emails from print preview
      • Be a bit smarter about which 'from' email address email is sent from.  Previously  only used global email or local terminal addr. Now will preferentially use spares email for sending of a spares invoice, service for a workshop invoice/estimate etc.
      • In preview email screen allow the end user to select sender from a dropdown list populated from various email addr configured in c9
  • Meatier changes
    • Husky PE electronic warranty registration. Initial code written. Pending testing/certification from Husky before becomes primetime
Release 4.760 December 4, 2018 barney

A few tweaks and fixes

  • Receive spares.
    • An invoice with units + a huge number of serial numbers would not grab the serial numbers. Now working
    • Save an invoice with a huge number of serial numbers would not restore correctly. Now working
  • Bank rec + paypal
    • include misc txn type to bounce money from paypal collection into bank.
    • Paypal payment : always ignore tillno setting
  • C9 Repo : added a privacy consent alert to repo disclaimer. On using repo from now on after this version update, c9 may share your contact details with suppliers of files you download. Only your contact details will be provided. C9 will not sure any other information with suppliers.
  • Export order to another c9 dealer : option to write some brief notes that will be sent as part of the order

Originally released in Dec 2017, c9 includes the ability to process, via receive order, receiving units. Or receiving a mix of spares + units.

Originally documented here:

Works well for electronic imports for following brands at time of writing but will work with any franchise.

  • Husqvarna PE
  • Stihl
  • PLP

Goto import order screen as you would normally. Here pick option 'F9 electronic import'.


Release 4.759 November 29, 2018 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Bug fixes
    • Generic expense report : broken due to recent changes to better support cash based GST Reporting. Now working again
    • Cancel pickup.  Would incorrectly delete unrelated payment txns if those txns were tagged with same workshop job number + customer.  Now fixed
    • Detailed scheduler : close button did nothing. Now fixed.
  • Tweaks
    • View Transactions & Bi Activity.  disallow delete operations which are destructive. e.g. deleting bills connected to curtailments. You need to goto unit section of c9 to perform such deletes. Specific delete types where this is enforced
      • Deleting curtailments, interest payments and renewal fees
      • Deleting unit expenses and costs
      • Deleting unit sales / purchases and tradeins
    • View transactions : new button 'Journals' shows GL Journal post against selected txn.  Useful for deep diving to figure out what txn links to if reference description is not enough. e.g. useful for figuring out what unit a curtailment/bill links to
Release 4.757 & 4.758 November 20, 2018 barney

Got NSW RTA Rego lookup working again. Please be aware that the RTA website for NSW doesn't provide the entire VIN. You will still need to correct the VIN when using this feature.

Import EPC diagrams. May fail on fiche diagrams where image scaled down to less than 8x8 , i.e. a blank image. Caused by png encoding of small images. Possibly triggered by some epc diagrams connected to Yamaha Marine.

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